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Participants in MAS and MBA programmes are responsible for their own tuition fees and living costs. ETH Zurich can offer no scholarships for continuing education programmes.

Living costs in Zurich

You should expect living costs (PDF, 160 KB) to be about CHF 22,000 per year. Applicants from countries that need a visa for Switzerland must prove that they have the necessary financial means. Please address any questions you may have on this to the Centre for Continuing Education only.

Tuition fees

Irrespective of the duration of the programme, the tuition fees will be billed in two equal halves, once in each of the first two semesters (October and March). Payment in instalments cannot be accepted.

Invoices will be made out exclusively in the name of the participant. It is not possible to address invoices to the participant’s employer.

Application and handling fees

ETH Zurich charges an application and handling fee for every online application. This must be paid by credit card and amounts to CHF 50 for graduates from an ETH, a Swiss university or a Swiss university of applied sciences, and CHF 150 for applicants from any other university.

Withdrawal fee

If you wish to withdraw your application before or after you have been admitted, please let us know in writing as soon as possible. This will enable us to offer your place to other applicants, and will save us and the programme managers a great deal of administrative effort.

Please note that a significant withdrawal fee will be charged if you delay in telling us. These fees are course-specific and stated in binding form in the admission letter. More details are available in the Overview.

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