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What is a MAS, MBA?

Please note the distinction between a MAS, MBA and a normal Master's degree (MSc, MA).

How to apply

Applications for MAS and MBA programmes are made via the online platform Eapply. The Centre for Continuing Education is responsible for admissions and organises the entire application process from your initial contact through to matriculation. Please contact the Centre for Continuing Education if you have any questions about the application process or the formal admission requirements. Questions about the content of the study programme, on the other hand, should be addressed directly to the programme managers. Please check the information on the Internet before you contact us or the programme managers.

The application process consists of two steps:

  1. You submit your web application online and pay the application and handling fee using your credit card. Applicants with a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification from a Swiss university or a Swiss university of applied sciences pay CHF 50, applicants from other universities pay CHF 150. (Please submit only fully completed online applications. Once you have paid the application fee, you can no longer edit the application form. You can make any additions or corrections by hand directly on the form when you have printed it out.)
  2. After submitting your application online, save the form as a PDF, print it out and send a signed copy together with the required documents to the Centre for Continuing Education by post.

Please note that incomplete applications are not accepted and that we cannot process your application until we have received the signed copy and all the necessary documents.

Application deadlines

Some programmes start every semester, some once a year, and some others every second year. The application period for a programme starting in the autumn semester usually lasts from 1 January - 30 April and, for a programme starting in the spring semester, from 1 July - 31 October. Early application is strongly encouraged, but please do not apply before the official application period has started. Earlier applications cannot be considered.

For application deadlines, costs and conditions, please consult our Overview and the detailed descriptions of the specific study programmes.

Other application deadlines

Please note that the following programmes have different application deadlines:

  • MAS ETH in Development and Cooperation: 1 January - 28 February (in even years)
  • MAS ETH in Landscape Architecture: 1 January - 31 March (every year)
  • MAS ETH in Sustainable Water Resources: 1 January - 31 March (every year)
  • MBA ETH in Supply Chain Management: 1 October - 30 April (every year)

Late applications

Some programmes accept later applications upon request if places are still available. Please proceed as follows if you wish to apply after the application deadline has passed:

  1. Check in the Overview whether the programme accepts late applications in principle.
  2. If so, find out from the Centre for Continuing Education whether places are still available.
  3. We will tell you by e-mail whether you can still apply.
  4. If this is still possible, proceed in the same way as for a normal application.

Please do not submit a late application without asking us first. We accept no liability for any fees you have already paid.

Deadlines for the submission of documents

The same deadlines apply for the printed application form and the required documents as for the online application. The documents must have been sent by the deadline (the date on the postmark) and have reached us by no more than 8 days later.

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