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Applying for MAS and MBA programmes

The information on the following pages applies only to MAS and MBA programmes, i.e. to the Master of Advanced Studies and Master of Business Administration.

MAS and MBA programmes are fundamentally different from Master’s qualifications at the basic level (MSc, MA). They are normally aimed at managers and specialist professionals who have received academic training and require applicants to have a university degree at Master’s level (MSc, MA) and professional experience, or qualifications of an equivalent standard. In some cases, they may follow on directly from a Master’s degree. Please note that a MAS or MBA degree does not qualify for admission to doctorate studies.

Applying for DAS, CAS and e-learning courses

To apply for Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) und e-learning courses, please contact the programme managers directly. You can find the application deadlines and contact details in the course descriptions. Please use the Search option to call up the required study programme or click on it in the list view.

Applying for continuing education courses

You can either apply for continuing education courses using the Polykurs online application form or contact the relevant course provider directly. You can find out from the study programme descriptions which of the two application methods applies. Please use the Search option, the subject list or the list of continuing education courses to call up the information about applying for the continuing education course of your choice.

Applying for normal Master’s degree programmes and teacher training courses

For normal Master’s programmes and teacher training courses, please contact the following services direct:

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