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General Information about Prima Grants

​PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent female researchers from Switzerland and abroad w ho aspire to a professorship in Switzerland. PRIMA grantees lead their own research project at a Swiss higher education institution. They work independently and have a team of their own.

A PRIMA grant comprises the grantee's salary and project funds for a duration of up to 5 years, the possibility to plan a stay at another host institution and the offer of a mentoring network. With this generously endowed grant, the promoted researchers should be able to enhance their academic profile. The SNSF intends to award up to 12 grants each year to excellent women researchers.

Applicants who meet the personal requirements for an Ambizione grant may request that their PRIMA application stands also as an Ambizione application.

Written confirmationby the host institution

The internal deadline for the written confirmation is October 2, 2017. The template for the written confirmation can be found on the right side. An electronical version signed by the Contact Person should be submitted, to the Office of Research, ETH Zurich.  

Please note that the contact person at the departement should be a full or associate professor. All other professors are eligible as contact persons, as long as the head of departement signes the written confirmation together with the VPFW.  

At the time of the internal deadline on October 2,2017, no full proposal has to be sent in. The title and all the relevant information needed for the written confirmation should however be gathered together until then.  

All further information on the Prima grants are available on the SNSF website.

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