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The CTI Commission for Technology and Innovation sponsors projects in applied research and development between universities and industry. The bottom-up principle applies: project partners define their projects themselves. Now the CTI also supports longer-term "Discovery Projects" which can be expected to have a high market value.

A CTI project must involve direct cooperation between at least one commercial company and at least one not-for-profit research institution.

Applications can be made to the CTI at any time. Please note that the CTI can only accept these documents sent in electronic form (e-mail sender counts as electronic signature, see CTI application documentation for details).

Four criteria are particularly important when applications are being assessed:

  • the commercial and technical-scientific importance of the proposed project
  • the potential for getting good results on the market quickly
  • a clear work and research plan; a clear path towards the objective
  • a cash sum as evidence of serious commitment by the industry partner

Application forms

Application forms can be downloaded from the CTI website.

Funding opportunities for researchers

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