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Various programmes are available to doctoral students and doctoral supervisors at ETH Zurich which augment doctoral studies and contribute to their development at the institution. These programmes serve doctoral student networking and the establishment of new doctoral course components in particular.

SUK Programme: Doctoral programme 2013-2016

The doctoral programme of the former Swiss university conference (SUC) primarily promotes inter-university programmes and activities. It fosters the inter-university networking of young scientists and facilitates the development of a structured range of courses in the doctoral programme. ETH Zurich will provide funding to complement SUK funding.

Doctoral students and their supervisors may submit applications for support using a simple form. The Rector evaluates and approves these applications upon reception.

Support is granted for retreats, seminars, colloquia, symposia, guest lectures and vehicles for acquiring metadisciplinary competences, among other things.

Networking between ETH Zurich and EPFL

The ETH Board has designated special funding to encourage exchange between the two ETHs at the doctoral level. The intention is to strengthen the networking of doctoral students at the two institutions through joint activities, and to increase the mobility of doctoral students between them.

Both doctoral students and their supervisors may submit applications for support when needed, via a simple form. Applications are evaluated immediately by the Rector. The application must indicate which units of the two institutions are involved. Support is granted for retreats, workshops and symposia, among other things.

ETH Winter Schools at Monte Verità

Once per year the Congressi Stefano Franscini solicits applications for ETH Winter Schools at Monte Verità. Applications are evaluated by CSF’s scientific advisory board. The organisers of an approved ETH Winter School pay reduced conference rates at Monte Verità and receive administrative support.

Additional support for the Winter School through another programme such as the SUK Programme is possible, and encouraged.

ETH event venues

The following venues are available to ETH members under favourable conditions for events such as workshops, Winter or Summer Schools, symposia and conferences.


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