Templates for Career Seed Grant Applications

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Please, convert all documents to PDF format and consolidate them into a single file (SEED_last name.pdf) before submitting your application by email to .

a) Templates of documents that must be supplied when submitting a Career Seed Grant application

Document Contents
A00_CoverLetter No template provided; not mandatory
A01_Cover Sheet.doc (DOC, 112 KB) Cover sheet with general information and abstract
A02_Achievements.doc (DOC, 24 KB) Scientific achievements and research output of the PI at ETH Zurich to date
A03_Science.doc (DOC, 26 KB) Detailed scientific information
A04_CV.doc (DOC, 25 KB) Personal information and motivation statement
A05_Support letter.doc (DOC, 26 KB) Commitment provided by the host

b) Template for Final Report

Document Contents
A06_FinalReport_name of PI.doc (DOC, 29 KB) Final report, to be submitted 6 weeks after completion of the project
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