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Templates of documents that must be supplied when submitting a grant application (submit in pdf format only!):

Document Contents
A00_CoverLetter_name of PI
No template provided; not mandatory
A01_CoverSheet_name of PI
No template provided; file generated automatically during submission
A02_Costs_name of PI.xls (XLS, 47 KB) Excel sheet with financial requirements
A03_Abstract_name of PI.doc (DOC, 30 KB) Abstract (400 words max.)
A04_Science_name of PI.doc (DOC, 26 KB) Detailed scientific information (8 MB max.)
A05_CV_name of PI
(separate files for CoPI and for PhD student if known)
No template provided; do not exceed 1 page per person, and use 5 pages max. for publication list
A06_Quotations_name of PI
No template provided; price quotes needed for expensive material only
A07_ActiveGrantsList_name of PI.doc (DOC, 38 KB) List of active grants and submitted grant applications
A08_GrantsHistory_name of PI.doc (DOC, 25 KB) Reports of previous ETH Research Grants
A11_Other information_name of PI
No template provided; not mandatory

Templates of documents that must be supplied once a grant application is approved:
(To be used also for former ETHIIRA and CHIRP projects approved before 2012.)

Document Contents
A09_BudgetForm_name of PI.xls (XLS, 32 KB) Excel sheet with detailed financial planning
A09_BudgetForm_3rd-Party_name of PI.xls (XLS, 32 KB) Excell sheet with financial information in case of funding through 3rd party funds
A10_FinalReport_name of PI.doc (DOC, 24 KB) Final report to be submitted after project completion
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