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Getting started guide

  1. Download the required forms from the download area.
  2. Fill out the forms and complete other necessary documents. Documents must be converted to PDF format prior to submission.
  3. Login to the web-based online submission system with your nethz user name and password. For the login you need a ETH (nethz) user name and password. If you are not yet employee, the electronic submission system must be operated by an employee of the host professorship.
  4. Click the "new proposal" link on the left side of the browser window and enter the basic information for ETH Fellowship application.
  5. Store the basic information with the "Save" button. At this point, the proposal appears in the "My proposals" list with an "In preparation" status. The proposal is not yet submitted; you can still change the information. Click "Save" after every change. You can delegate the rights to edit and submit the proposal to any owner of a valid nethz account by using the "Delegation" button.
  6. Click the "References & Reviewer Suggestions" button and enter information on the 2 persons you are asking to provide a reference for you. Please identify them as "References" in the drop down field. The (signed and scanned) letters of reference should be sent by the indicated persons directly to 10 days before the submission deadline.
    Please also suggest four names of potential external reviewers for the assessment of your application. Please identify them as "Reviewer Suggestions" in the drop down field and fill out the required fields, in order to allow us to efficiently contact them.
  7. Use "Create Cover Sheet" to generate the proposal's leading page. Send a signed hard copy of this page to the specified address. The Office of Research must receive the signed hard copy no later than one week after the submission deadline.
  8. Upload the required documents with the "Attachment" button - see detailed instructions. The cover sheet will be uploaded automatically.
  9. Submit the application with the "Save & Submit" button.
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