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Medicine is one of the focal areas in the ETH strategy 2017 – 2020

The staff unit for ‘medical research and innovation’ has the following core tasks:

  • Develop a strategy for ‘medical research and innovation’
  • Identify synergy potential within ETH, harmonize structures
  • Enable cooperation and exchange between ETH researchers and clinicians / clinician scientists
  • Support / enhance translational research and innovation
  • Foster and expand the network in medicine

The staff unit is led by Dr. Margrit Leuthold.

Find further information about our initiatives in the area of medicinie in the section about our main focus areas.

National Initiatives for Personalized Health: Call for Proposals 2017

The Swiss Personalized Health Network Initiative (SPHN) opened a Call for Proposals for “Driver Projects” as well as for “Infrastructure Development Projects” to stimulate the nation- wide inter-operability of biomedical information.

In parallel, the Strategic Focus Area of the ETH domain “Personalized Health and Related Technologies” (PHRT) opened a call for four different instruments:  ‚Education / Fellowships‘, ‚Technology Platforms‘, ‚Technology Translation Platforms‘ and also ‚Driver Projects‘.

Driver projects should be developed jointly by researchers from an ETH institution, universities and hospitals.

Submission deadline for all Calls :

September 15, 2017, 17:00 CET

Process at ETH Zurich for SPHN-Infrastructure Development Projects:

If you want to submit an Infrastructure Development Project at SPHN you need a support letter signed by the Vice President for Research and Corporate relations, confirming in-kind contributions and the compliance with the  "Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing".

In order to guarantee to receive the signed support letter for submission of your project, please send a )

Grants of the Iten-Kohaut Foundation

The newly established Iten- Kohaut Foundation awards 3-4 research proposals  in the domains of cancer, cardiovascular, rheumatic and eye diseases.

Deadline for submission: October 1, 2017

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