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Main focus areas
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ETH Zurich carries out fundamental research to broaden the knowledge base and provide the starting point for future innovative applications. The research is focused on the needs of society – be that at local, national or global level – and so makes a valuable contribution to the economy, politics and society in general.

Based on the Strategy 2012-16, ETH Zurich is focusing, amongst others, on the areas of world food system, cities of the future, climate change, energy, health, risk research, information processing, new materials and industrial processes.

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Strategy 2012-16

To complement the research activities of the various departments, ETH also supports the creation of thematic focal areas, which allow for cross-departmental research to meet the challenges of mankind.

In its strategy for the years 2012-16, ETH Zurich is focusing on the topics "Sustainable worlds", "Technology and knowledge for health", "Complex systems", "Materials, technologies and industrial processes", and "Scientific foundations of the future".

More information about the Strategy 2012-16 of ETH Zurich

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