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Since its launch in 2006, «Treffpunkt Science City» has shown continuous development and has been adapting to new requirements. Nowadays each «Treffpunkt» event series is devoted to a particular theme. In addition to scientists from ETH Zurich, lecturers from other universities and experts from the fields of business, government and culture are also involved in the events as programme partners, depending on the theme chosen. Since 2010, the programme has lain within the responsibility of the rector of the ETH.

«Treffpunkt Science City» is committed to a performance mandate of the Federal Council to ETH: «The ETH Domain will maintain a dialogue with society and fulfil tasks of national interest. It will promote dialogue with society and make scientific insights accessible in a comprehensible manner to the public at large. It will carry out a wide range of activities aimed at improving understanding and interest for MINT subjects in society and among schoolchildren.»

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