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A lab visit
A public visit of an ETH lab


There are no registrations necessary for lectures, demos and panel discussions of all age groups. Registration is only necessary in the case of events with a limited number of participants, such as VISIT (16.3.17), guided tour Arch_Te c_Lab (19.3.17) and railway laboratory (2.4.17).

Children and youth programme
You can book the tickets for the event formats «Werkstatt», «Atelier» and «Think 360!» online only. Booking on the registration portal starts on Monday (7 am) prior to the experience Sunday. Tickets must be collected at least half an hour before the start of the workshop at the Welcome Desk (HCI, E-Stock, Hönggerberg).

Registration portal


The events take place in Zurich, either on the campuses of ETH Hönggerberg and ETH Zentrum.

The campus restaurant in the HCI building and the Alumni Lounge on Hönggerberg are open during experience Sundays.

 How to get there

People in a wheelchair

You can park directly in front of the HCI building, side entrance. Please contact us by e-mail, we are happy to help.

Event Formats

«Treffpunkt Science City» transfers knowledge in an attractive, intelligible way using different event formats which are all held in German.


Accordion. Press Tab to navigate to entries, then Enter to open or collapse content.


Experience Sunday

Experience Sundays are day’s programmes for those hungry for knowledge, be they individuals or families. The programme starts at 11 am and ends at 4 pm on the ETH Hönggerberg campus.

Scientists present their findings in short, easy to follow lectures that last 30 minutes. They open their laboratories for guided tours and give demonstrations of their methodology. Also they use accompanying exhibitions to show the topics they are dealing with. The campus restaurant is open and offers culinary treats or just a Latte Macchiato in between.

In addition to the adult programme children aged 5 to 12 can take part in «Science City Kids» events. They are designed to give children access to scientific topics in a playful way. For young people aged 13 to 17 we provide the youth programme «Think 360!». This way, the whole family can debate the same problem on the way home. The children’s and youth's programme consists of a children’s lecture (age of seven onwards), the Atelier (a studio for children aged 7 to 12), the Werkstatt (a workshop for children between 5 and 6) and «Think 360!» (age 13 to 17).The Atelier, the Werkstatt and «Think 360!» will be available from 11 am to 4 pm. The courses last 40 minutes. Competent child carers will conduct experiments, play games and lead handicraft activities. For Atelier, Werkstatt and «Think 360!» registration is compulsory as the number of available places is limited. The programmes are designed as events that are held without parental accompaniment.


Public Lecture


«Offen gesagt» (frankly speaking) is a talk format that features personal experience and insights.VIPs and scientist provide insights and express their views on the Treffpunkt theme and its relevance for the future.

The evening programme is moderated by Inge Keller-Hoehl.


The «Podium» is a panel discussion dealing with a controversial social issue linking science and public interest. This format is staged jointly by ETH Zurich and the daily Tages-Anzeiger. Podium offers an evening programme for all those interested in current issues.


«Treffpunkt Science City» invites its guests to a guided tour in spring and autumn each. Either a company or an organization will be chosen in accordance with the main Treffpunkt theme. Please register here:  registration portal

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