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22.05.2017 | Christoph Küffer, ETH Zürich

A love for the common species

The key instrument in the protection of species – the red list– is a register of particularly rare species. The principle is that the rarer a species, the more urgent are the measures to prevent its extinction. However, this distracts from the fact that Nature should be rich in common species. Read more 

16.02.2017 | Dr. Gregory De Souza, ETH Zürich

Voyage to the base of the food chain

On the second leg of the journey around the Antarctic, the research vessel Akademik Treshnikov sets out from Tasmania to the frozen edge of Antarctica, before heading on eastwards to Chile. An oceanographer, whose knowledge of the Southern Ocean was previously limited to theory, blogs from on board. Read more 

03.01.2017 | Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul, ETH Zürich

Finding Antarctica in our backyard

Antarctica has a new marine reserve, while here in Switzerland voters recently missed the chance to create Parc Adula. While we protect whales we’ll never see, let us not forget the animals and plants in our own unnaturally still woods and fields. Read more 

24.11.2016 | Christoph Küffer, ETH Zürich

Nature conservation as landscape architecture

Conservationists must learn to design the ecological landscape of tomorrow instead of mourning lost nature. Landscape architecture can serve as a model for this. Read more 

17.11.2016 | Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul, ETH Zürich | 2 Comments

A Call to Environmental Action

In the aftermath of the US election, and the consequent precariousness of the Paris climate agreement, it seems particularly apposite to revisit Dürer’s vision – a little more than 500 years since its creation and with a new layer of contemporary interpretation. Read more 

13.10.2016 | Prof. Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, ETH Zürich

Improving resilience through diverse land stewards

Biodiversity has been shown to increase the resilience of ecosystems to global change. But what fosters the resilience of socio-ecological systems? We have shown that in order to build and maintain resilient mountain landscapes, we need not only a diversity of species, but a diversity of land stewards. Read more 

01.10.2016 | Prof. Anthony Patt, ETH Zürich

On animal welfare, a green economy and climate change

In terms of direct democracy, the US state of Massachusetts is similar to Switzerland. A recent statewide initiative dealing with animal welfare and sales regulation provides an interesting parallel to the past Swiss initiative for a green economy, and Swiss climate policy more generally. Read more 

25.08.2016 | Christoph Küffer, ETH Zürich | 1 Comment

The delicate balancing act of research funding

Many people see privately funded research as a threat to academic independence, but this is an incomplete view. Experts with close connections to politics and business are a logical consequence of a knowledge-based society. It is time for a fundamental debate on responsible research partnerships. Read more 

23.07.2016 | Blog-Redaktion

The blog’s on holiday

Our writers are off on a well-deserved summer break until 25 August. We wish all of you a pleasant summer, whether you take a staycation or venture further afield … Read more 

01.06.2016 | Prof. Max Maurer, ETH Zürich/Eawag

Den Umgang mit Wasser neu gestalten

Um Siedlungswasser zu bewirtschaften, leisten sich Industrieländer wie die Schweiz eine komplexe Infrastruktur aus Trinkwasserleitungen, Kanalisation und zentralen Kläranlagen. Doch dieser konventionelle Ansatz ist weder zukunftsfähig noch geeignet für weniger entwickelte Regionen der Welt. Read more 

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