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10.07.2017 | Verena Tiefenbeck, ETH Zürich

Smart technology needs smart users

What’s the point of smart assistants and intelligent electricity meters if people don’t use them correctly? In order to cope with the energy transition, we need a combination of digital technologies and smart user behaviour – and the social sciences can help. Read more 

06.07.2017 | Prof. Isabel Günther, ETH Zürich | 1 Comment

The impact of solar lighting in rural Kenya

While climate change has led many high-income countries to increase their efforts to improve energy efficiency and to invest in renewable energies, households in low-income countries still face another energy challenge: more than 1 billion people lack access to electricity. Could solar lights offer a solution? Read more 

09.05.2017 | Nina Boogen, ETH Zürich

Swiss households could save energy

Efficient use of electricity is central to Energy Strategy 2050. But how much electricity-saving potential do Swiss households actually have? And which factors influence this efficiency? Read more 

02.02.2017 | Dr. Jochen Markard, ETH Zürich

Why energy forecasts often fail

Players in the energy industry and the policy domain often depend on forecasts. A closer look reveals that these predictions sometimes fall wide of the mark. Underestimating innovation dynamics is one reason why. Read more 

11.01.2017 | Ueli Wieland, ETH Zürich

Geothermal storage for our cities

Geothermal probes and heat pumps provide an effective alternative to oil heating, but they aren’t suitable for use in densely populated areas where probes in close proximity extract too much heat from the ground. However, using probes for heat storage as well could unlock their considerable potential. Read more 

16.11.2016 | Prof. Robert Boes, ETH Zürich

How hydropower can deal with sediments

Sediments get deposited in storage lakes and increase the erosion of hydraulic turbines. To keep hydropower plants operational for as long as possible, researchers are developing new methods of monitoring sediments in real time. Read more 

11.11.2016 | Doktorand Thomas Geissmann, ETH Zürich

Nuclear power: where to next?

Switzerland’s electricity companies, and in particular the operators of its nuclear power plants, are in poor financial shape. Regardless of the outcome of the Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative, the funding required for dismantling and disposal raises issues of state redistribution. Read more 

05.10.2016 | Prof. Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zürich

Geothermal Energy – A Community Effort

How to use the Earth’s interior heat in an economically successful and sustainable way? Switzerland is considering this question in its Energy Strategy 2050, and Europe also sees geothermal energy as a part of the future energy mix. The international project DESTRESS will evaluate methods and feasibility. Read more 

12.07.2016 | Absolvent Joshu Jullier, ETH Zürich

Mehr Akzeptanz für Stromleitungen

Die Schweiz muss ihr Stromnetz für die Energiezukunft modernisieren, doch Ausbauprojekte stossen auf Widerstand und verzögern sich. Es gibt aber Möglichkeiten, die Akzeptanz der Bevölkerung für neue Übertragungsleitungen zu erhöhen. Read more 

28.06.2016 | Doktorandin Annegret Stephan, Prof. Tobias Schmidt, ETH Zürich | 1 Comment

Wie stationäre Batterien am besten fördern?

Fest installierte Batterien können die Energiewende unterstützen, doch sind sie oft nicht profitabel. Eine techno-ökonomische Studie zeigt nun, wie Batterien durch geschickte Kombination verschiedener Anwendungen wirtschaftlicher und in manchen Fällen sogar heute schon profitabel werden könnten. Read more 

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