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19.01.2017 | Iris Thurnherr, ETH Zürich

High winds on Île de la Possession

On their expedition around the Antarctic, Iris Thurnherr and Pascal Graf visit various subantarctic islands in the Southern Ocean that host unique ecosystems. The researchers are collecting samples in order to learn more about the water cycle. Read more 

21.12.2016 | Christoph Küffer, ETH Zürich | 5 Comments

No flying for a year

Scientists fought energetically to set climate goals, and now they must act. And this is where flying is an ideal test opportunity: public awareness already exists, technical solutions are unlikely, and giving up flying requires innovation from the scientific community. Read more 

12.12.2016 | Doktorand Pascal Graf, ETH Zürich

Finding our sea legs on the Southern Ocean

A research team from ETH Zurich is taking part in an expedition around the Antarctic. Its aim: to investigate the Southern Ocean’s water cycle. On board are Iris Thurnherr and Pascal Graf, who will be reporting on their experiences. Read more 

08.11.2016 | Dr. Erich Fischer, ETH Zürich

In the beginning was the prediction

It often seems that climate phenomena occur unexpectedly and are explained only retrospectively. However, the relationship between rising CO2 concentration and an increase in heavy precipitation has been predicted decades ago, but not confirmed by robust observational evidence until recently. Read more 

02.11.2016 | Prof. Reto Knutti, ETH Zürich | 2 Comments

Where are the facts?

The fur is flying in the US presidential campaign, and facts are getting “trumpled” underfoot. A report on the mood in the US – and an appeal for fact-based, solution-oriented public discourse: the only true foundation for our opinions as members of a knowledge society. Read more 

28.10.2016 | Prof. David Bresch, ETH Zürich

How climate change may (in)directly affect us

Climate risks in distant countries affect us too: in a globalised world, if China’s breadbasket falls victim to drought, Switzerland may also feel the consequences via the supply chain. Adapting to climate change isn’t just the local issue it’s generally thought to be. Read more 

30.09.2016 | Dr. Silvan Leinss, ETH Zürich | 1 Comment

Twin glacier collapse in Tibet

Giant ice avalanches caused by catastrophic glacier failures are rare events. The collapse of two neighbouring glaciers within two months – as just witnessed in Tibet – was never seen before. The timely analysis of satellite images enabled scientists to issue a warning prior to the second collapse. Read more 

23.09.2016 | Dr. Wim Thiery, ETH Zürich

Lethal night-storms over Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria in East Africa is known to be stormy at night, with thousands of fishermen dying each year. New evidence suggests that the lake will become a real hotspot for hazardous thunderstorms in the future due to climate change. But improved storm warnings could be on the way. Read more 

16.09.2016 | Dr. Thomas Frölicher, ETH Zürich | 2 Comments

Heatwaves in the ocean – a risk to ecosystems?

Marine ecosystems are responsible for about half of global annual primary production and more than one billion people rely on fish as their primary protein source. Latest studies show that enormous warm water bubbles in the ocean are having a noticeable impact on ecosystems. How should we interpret these changes? Read more 

02.09.2016 | Dr. René Orth, ETH Zürich

Rekord-Dürre im Sommer 2015 in Mitteleuropa

Während das Wetter in der Schweiz in diesem Sommer eher durch heftige Unwetter von sich reden macht, war der Sommer letzten Jahres von einer markanten Dürre geprägt. Das schleichend wachsende Niederschlagsdefizit brachte der Schweiz 2015 beinahe mediterranes Klima, aber auch wirtschaftliche Schäden. Read more 

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