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21.10.2016 | Doktorand Raphael Fuhrer, ETH Zürich

Does greater mobility mean more and more traffic?

The rapid transport of people and goods is both a growing demand as well as an economic necessity. The price we pay for it is an ever-increasing volume of traffic. When it comes to tackling this dilemma in the future, it’s worth taking a look at the past. Read more 

25.02.2016 | Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, ETH Zürich

Radical Cairo in Shenzhen

It is not too often that Cairo’s informal settlements are hosted at an international architecture event, especially not as a positive case. This year, the “informal” area of Ard-El-Lewa is prominently featured at the Bi-City Biennale for Urban Development and Architecture in Shenzhen, in the Radical Urbanism section. Read more 

07.01.2016 | Prof. Peter Edwards, Singapore-ETH Centre

Understanding Urbanisation

The rate of urbanisation in recent years has been astonishing. While present cities are highly unsustainable, they offer great opportunities for using resources more efficiently. The rapid growth and the huge environmental challenges account for the growing interest shown by universities in cities: the New Urban Science. Read more 

27.10.2015 | Dr. Martina Schretzenmayr, ETH Zürich

Vorkämpfer, Vordenker und Vorbilder für die Raumplanung Schweiz

Die Schweizer Raumplanung kann für die anstehenden Aufgaben viel von ihren Pionieren lernen. Diese setzten sich leidenschaftlich für einen Schutz der Landschaft und die nachhaltige Planung und Gestaltung des Lebensraums ein. Mit der Ausstellung «Die Schweiz plant» eröffnet die ETH Zürich erstmals einen Blick auf diese Pionierleistungen. Read more 

29.09.2015 | Philipp Urech, ETH Zürich

Flash Floods and Desert Claims

Deserts are among the roughest places to live on earth. Fauna and flora in the desert develop special adaptations to survive in such a harsh environment. So do humans. Our Landscape Modeling and Visualizing Studio investigated future scenarios for water-restrained settlements in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Read more 

02.06.2015 | Prof. Arno Schlüter, ETH Zürich

Soft robotics for adaptive building facades

Today, building envelopes tend to be static and unable to adapt to changing conditions. Now, for the first time, an adaptable façade has been used for the newly inaugurated House of Natural Resources (HoNR) that produces electricity and regulates light and heat generation. Read more 

27.05.2015 | Prof. Dirk Hebel, Singapore-ETH Centre

A pavilion made from waste products

For the IDEAS CITY Festival in New York at the end of May, ETH Zurich is constructing a 90 m2 pavilion made from recycled beverage packaging. The project, led by ETH Global and Professor Dirk E. Hebel and Professor Philippe Block, aims to show the immense potential of waste for the construction sector. Read more 

16.04.2015 | Prof. Stephen Cairns, Singapore-ETH Centre

Tropical Town: Seeding Sustainable Settlements

In Asia and Africa, rapid urbanisation has seen human populations move to cities on an unprecedented scale. Increasingly, the inability to settle these new urban dwellers into formal housing, and the inability to engage them economically and socially is bringing about serious urban issues. Read more 

12.03.2015 | Prof. Arno Schlüter, ETH Zürich

3-for-2: Less energy, more space

Urbanization, the general shift from rural to urban living, causes the rapid growth of cities and represents one of the key challenges facing our society. Many epicenters of urbanization are in tropical regions, making the climatic context a central challenge for sustainable construction design. Read more 

26.02.2015 | Prof. Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zürich

Die Stadt der Zukunft: bitte erdbebensicher!

Die Bilder nach den Erdbeben in Haiti, Japan, L’Aquila oder Christchurch haben sich tief eingeprägt: zerstörte Häuser, chaotische Szenen, Verletzte und Tote. Erdbeben bleiben auch für die Städte der Zukunft eine tödliche Gefahr, aber wir sind ihnen nicht machtlos ausgeliefert. Read more 

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