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Text published by ETH News may be used by other media and online portals free of charge only if it is not altered and the author’s name and ETH Zurich are cited as sources. For the Zukunftsblog in particular, the title and name of the author and ETH Zurich Zukunftsblog must be cited as sources. In addition, online media must include a link to the overview page of ETH News (www.ethz.ch/news-en), or to the overview page of the Zukunftsblog (www.ethz.ch/zukunftsblog-en), respectively.


The rights to the images always remain with the person referred to as the copyright holder for them. Images published on ETH News may be used by other media and online portals only if ETH Zurich is specifically mentioned as the copyright holder and only in connection with the relevant ETH News article. Further distribution of images – for example, via download links – is permitted only with the approval of the editorial team.

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