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13.04.2017 | News

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Patrons of the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme (ESOP) got to know scholarship students at yesterday's Meet the Talent 2017.

Excellence Scholars explain how the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme help them. (Video: ETH Zurich)

As part of an open day, current and former Excellence Scholars met with guests to present their research projects and discuss their studies, motivations and future plans. In her speech, Rector and ESOP patron Sarah M. Springman thanked all the sponsors and partners who make a key contribution to supporting ETH's most talented students every year.

Since 2007, the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme has made it possible for Master's students to complete their degree at ETH without any financial worries, while benefiting from special support from a member of the teaching staff. The scholarship is offered exclusively to the best incoming Master's students, regardless of their origin or financial background. The scholarships are financed by donations from alumni, friends and sponsors of the ETH Zurich Foundation.

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