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21.02.2017 | News | 1 Comment

Innovation cannot be taught; it must be learned

ETH President Lino Guzzella welcomed Alexander van der Bellen to the University on Friday, where the Austrian President was shown how ETH is encouraging innovation. Read more 

09.02.2017 | Press release | 1 Comment

Medicine and data science as future focuses

Medicine and data science are top priorities for the ETH Zurich Executive Board. Initiatives such as the new Bachelor’s degree course in medicine, new continuing education programmes or the return of the Cybathlon in 2020 demonstrate that ETH wants to use its knowledge more directly for the good of society. Read more 

06.02.2017 | Press release

Bridge the divide

ETH Zurich and EPFL are creating a National Center for Data Science to foster innovation in data science, multidisciplinary research and open science. Today, the inauguration of the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC) is taking place in Bern. Read more 

01.02.2017 | News | 2 Comments

Internationalisation – Essential to success

ETH Zurich is the most international university in the world. This recognition from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings emphasises the value and importance of international exchange for academia, the economy, and society. Read more 

18.01.2017 | News

ETH Zurich at WEF 2017 in Davos: “Magic through Technology”

ETH Zurich is presenting its latest research findings in a public exhibition at the World Economic Forum 2017. ETH’s début WEF appearance was launched with a meeting with politicians, public authorities and businesspeople from the canton of Grisons. Read more 

04.11.2016 | News

An opportunity for the university district and ETH Zurich

Zurich’s central university district continues to take shape. A joint press conference was held today by the canton and city of Zurich, University Hospital, the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich to provide information on the planning status. This follows the decision by the cantonal Committee for Planning and Construction (KPB) to transfer management of the structure plan to the broader Cantonal Parliament. What does the overall plan mean for ETH Zurich? Read more 

15.07.2016 | News

Eight professors appointed at ETH Zurich

Upon application of ETH President Lino Guzzella the ETH Board appointed a total of eight professors and awarded the title of professor to one individual. Read more 

15.07.2016 | News

Rui Brandao to head up IT Services at ETH Zurich

From banking to ETH: Rui Brandao will take over as head of ETH’s IT Services from 1 November 2016. The ETH Executive Board has appointed Brandao to succeed Reto Gutmann. Read more 

27.05.2016 | News

18 professors appointed at ETH Zurich

The ETH Board has appointed 18 professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the application submitted by ETH Zurich President Lino Guzzella. Read more 

18.05.2016 | News

Innovation Award for new SAP architecture

For ETH Zurich, lean and efficient resource and financial processes are essential. And now, for the transition of its personnel and finance databases to a state-of-the-art SAP HANA database, the university has been presented with the Innovation Award from software manufacturer SAP Switzerland. Read more 

02.05.2016 | News

New ETH Zurich Secretary General announced

Katharina Poiger Ruloff will take over as ETH Zurich Secretary General from 1 October 2016. The Executive Board has announced her as the successor to the current Secretary General, Hugo Bretscher. Read more 

18.01.2016 | News

“Trying out is research”

ETH Zurich is preparing up-and-coming researchers for an international career in science and industry. In March 2016, it will launch a career-focused funding mechanism that will allow junior researchers to conduct their own research project early on. Vice President Detlef Günther explains why, in an interview with ETH News. Read more 

23.12.2015 | News

From gigantic planets to tiny images

From the smallest ever printed colour image and the world’s largest plant seeds to the darkest matter in the infinite expanse of the universe – over the past year, ETH research has focussed on all animate and inanimate aspects of the natural world, presenting fascinating results and ingenious inventions. ETH News again looks back on the past year with a selection of highlights from 2015. Read more 

16.12.2015 | News

Demanding, but flexible and family-friendly

Ralph Schlapbach was presented with the Golden Tricycle Award at the Executive Board’s Christmas reception this year. The award recognises the father of three as the most family-friendly supervisor at ETH Zurich. Read more 

12.12.2015 | News

How students envisage the Zurich campus

The Zurich City University District should be developed into a knowledge and health care cluster. For their master's theses in the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich students developed scenarios outlining what an urban campus in the heart of the city of Zurich could look like. Read more 

04.12.2015 | News

Four professors appointed at ETH Zurich

Upon application of the President of ETH Zurich, Lino Guzzella, the ETH Board appointed a total of four professors, and awarded the title of professor to two individuals. Read more 

13.10.2015 | News

Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann is impressed by the ETH team

Johann Schneider-Ammann, Federal Councillor and head of the Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, visited ETH Zurich on Monday. He learned about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation, and expressed how impressed he was by the university's achievements.  Read more 

01.10.2015 | Press release

There is no alternative to full association

Scientific Switzerland needs unrestricted access to the best brains, and therefore full association to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. This was pointed out during a media session in Brussels by the Presidents of ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne, following discussions with EU representatives. Read more 

25.08.2015 | News

Investing in the future of D-BSSE

The Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) at ETH Zurich in Basel and the University of Basel are looking to expand their collaboration. The cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft are investing a total of CHF 10 million with a view to strengthening their collaboration in the field of personalised medicine and implementing new infrastructure measures. Read more 

10.07.2015 | News

6 professors at ETH Zurich appointed

At its meeting of 8/9 July 2015, the ETH Board appointed six professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the application submitted by ETH Zurich President Lino Guzzella. Read more 

09.06.2015 | News

The Agrovet-Strickhof construction project is underway

The building permit has been issued: ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the Canton of Zurich have permission to build the Agrovet-Strickhof, a jointly operated agricultural education and research centre in Eschikon Lindau. Research director Carla Soliva and IT director Hans-Rudolf Wettstein are here to share their thoughts on the planned buildings and the opportunities for livestock research.   Read more 

21.05.2015 | News

Ten years of technology and economics

The Department of Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC) is celebrating its tenth anniversary. In both its research and teaching, the department explores the interfaces between technology and economics. Graduates with in-depth knowledge in these areas are in high demand on the labour market. Read more 

08.05.2015 | News

Reconciling two careers

When researchers from abroad move to ETH Zurich, their partners often try to find a new job in Switzerland as well. In order to be able to help them more with their job search, ETH Zurich has recently joined the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). Read more 

10.03.2015 | News

Broad support for the Innovation Park in Dübendorf

The Federal Council is pushing ahead with the Swiss Innovation Park: it intends to make 350 million francs available and give the operators land with planning permission. ETH Zurich has been supporting the project for over ten years. Read more 

06.03.2015 | News

6 professors at ETH Zurich appointed

The ETH Board appointed six professors at ETH Zurich as part of its meeting of 4/5 March 2015, in accordance with the application submitted by ETH Zurich President Lino Guzzella. Read more 

22.01.2015 | News

UA: first appearance by the new Rector and a focus on careers

The promotion of upcoming young scientists and career development were the main items on the agenda at the first meeting of the University Assembly in 2015. This was also the first session involving the new Rector of ETH Zurich, Sarah Springman. Read more 

12.12.2014 | News

Eight professors at ETH Zurich appointed

Upon application of the President of ETH Zurich, Ralph Eichler, at its meeting of 10/11 December 2014 the ETH Board appointed eight individuals as professors, took note of the departure of one professor and thanked him for his services, and awarded the title of professor to one individual. The ETH Board also bade farewell to the President of ETH Zurich.   Read more 

10.12.2014 | News

Committed to supporting technical and administrative staff

The ETH Zurich Personnel Committee (PeKo) is committed to safeguarding the interests of ETH employees. In December and January, the application period is reserved for the elections to appoint members to serve on the committee from 2015 to 2018. Jakob Hauri, the Vice President of PeKo tells us what motivates people to join the committee. Read more 

05.12.2014 | News

Federal Councillor signs agreement on Switzerland’s partial association

On Friday, Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann was in Brussels where he signed an agreement on Switzerland’s participation in the European framework programmes with European Commissioner Carlos Moedas and Stefania Giannini, the representative of the Italian EU Council presidency. The agreement sets out the conditions for Switzerland’s partial association to Horizon 2020 until the end of 2016. Read more 

27.11.2014 | News

Increasing energy efficiency and stepping up energy research in the ETH Domain

The Swiss Federal Administration, the ETH Domain and the parastate enterprises SBB, Swiss Post, Swisscom and Skyguide are aiming to further improve their energy efficiency in future. To this end, a package of measures is being planned as part of the Energy Strategy 2050. Read more 

24.11.2014 | News

University Assembly pays tribute to Ralph Eichler

ETH Zurich President Ralph Eichler will officially hand over the presidential baton to Lino Guzzella on 15 December. On Thursday, the University Assembly thanked him for his dedicated service. Read more 

22.10.2014 | News

Federal Council approves the Horizon 2020 package

In its meeting today, the Federal Council approved the agreement on Switzerland’s participation in the Horizon 2020 research programme. The agreement covers Switzerland’s partial association to the programme between 15 September 2014 and 31 December 2016. Read more 

03.10.2014 | News | 3 Comments

ETH doctoral students: Goodbye to ‘pseudo-part-time’ employment

A boost for non-professorial scientific staff at ETH Zurich: as of this September, all 16 ETH departments have their own associations for scientific staff. In addition, doctoral students at ETH are now to be employed on a strictly full-time basis. Read more 


Swiss to gain access to the world’s most powerful neutron source

The Federal Council is requesting that Parliament approve Switzerland’s accession to the world’s most powerful neutron source, the European Spallation Source (ESS), as well as Switzerland’s necessary contributions to the facility’s construction and operation until 2026. Read more 

27.06.2014 | News

The Publica pension fund lowers its technical interest rate

To prevent future pensions from dwindling, action needs to be taken now. This includes a lump-sum compensation payment and higher contributions. Read more 

26.06.2014 | News

2,000 jobs for students

Since it was set up a year ago, the online job platform “ETH get hired” has already recorded half a million visits. Plans are now underway to launch an app too. Read more 

09.05.2014 | News

Sarah Springman to become Rector of ETH Zurich

On Thursday 8 May 2014, the Professors’ Conference at ETH Zurich nominated Sarah Springman, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, to succeed Lino Guzzella as Rector. Ralph Eichler, President of ETH Zurich, supports the wishes of the professors and the ETH Board will now come to a decision on the matter. Read more 

02.05.2014 | News

One stage completed – further obstacles ahead

After Switzerland's exclusion from the EU education and research programmes, negotiations could now start to move forward again. The aim is to come up with interim solutions for Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. But foreign minister Didier Burkhalter remains cautious. Read more 

10.04.2014 | News

European access restricted for up-and-coming researchers

Research periods abroad are a key element of a scientific career. That is why up-and-coming researchers at ETH and the University of Zurich are particularly concerned at present about how they will be able to participate in EU research programmes. Read more 

18.03.2014 | News

Proven ETH mission statement retained

Last year there was a lot of discussion about a new mission statement for ETH. Now ETH President Ralph Eichler and the Executive Board have decided how to proceed. Read more 

07.03.2014 | News

Four new professors at ETH Zurich

At its meeting of 5 and 6 March 2014, the ETH Board appointed four new professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the applications submitted by the ETH President Ralph Eichler. Read more 

04.03.2014 | News

Students and researchers appeal to politicians

Some 400 representatives from the areas of education and research today called on politicians in Europe and Switzerland to continue to involve Switzerland in Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+. Read more 

13.02.2014 | News

Trust is the prerequisite to negotiation

Switzerland wants a new immigration system. Cooperation in research and the exchange of students with the EU will be affected. The Federal Council now seeks talks with the EU to clarify the situation. Read more 

05.02.2014 | News

Open access and open research data in Horizon 2020

The European Commission has published guidelines for open access to publications and research data under the new research framework programme Horizon 2020. Read more 

04.02.2014 | News

Mending the broken rungs on the scientific career ladder

Renate Schubert has been the ETH Zurich President’s Delegate for Equal Opportunities since 2008. In this interview, she introduces the “Fix the leaky pipeline!” support scheme. Read more 

18.12.2013 | News

Sustainable construction technology as a driving force

With digital architecture, biomedical foundations, molecular engineering and mathematical physics as research subjects, ETH Zurich has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the National Centres of Competence in Research. Read more 

17.12.2013 | News

"Enthusiasm and quality are rewarded"

ETH Zurich is acting as the overall leader or co-leader in four new National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR). ETH Vice President Roland Siegwart explains what NCCRs mean for ETH Zurich. Read more 

04.12.2013 | News

Research and innovation funding reorganised

As of 2014, new legislation will apply to the promotion of research and innovation in Switzerland: the Federal Council has put the corresponding laws and ordinances into force. Read more 

22.11.2013 | News

National Council discusses tuition fees

The Federal Council has informed the National Council that it is willing to prepare rolling out differentiated tuition fees at ETH and EPFL, if this is permissible within the legal framework. Read more 

12.09.2013 | News

Switzerland participates in "Horizon 2020"

Good news for ETH Zurich researchers: Switzerland is continuing its involvement in the European Union’s research framework programme.
Read more 

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