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16.05.2017 | News

Persistent and curious

As Professor of Particle Physics, Felicitas Pauss played a key role in the discovery of the Higgs boson. Tomorrow, she will be honoured with the Richard Ernst Medal. Read more 

05.05.2017 | News

How does trust work on the internet?

A secure and reliable internet generates trust. Just how the internet creates trust is a matter for debate between ETH computer scientists and social scientists – for example, in a public session on 9 May 2017. Read more 

03.05.2017 | News

Photographs of a pioneer’s adventures

Walter Mittelholzer is one of the most sought-after photographers in the ETH Bibliothek’s Image Archive. Photographs taken on his flying expeditions to Africa and Persia are now presented in a new book. Read more 

02.05.2017 | News

The stories of survivors and life after the Holocaust

The "Last Swiss Holocaust Survivors" exhibition, which opens today at the ETH Zurich Archives of Contemporary History, tells the stories of how fourteen eyewitnesses survived the Holocaust and then went on with their lives. Read more 

27.04.2017 | News

Publication of Annual and Sustainability Reports

The ETH Zurich 2016 Annual Report provides an overview of the most important achievements, developments and events at the University over the past year, and is published alongside the 2015/2016 Sustainability Report. Read more 

06.04.2017 | News

Number theory has no gender

Özlem Imamoglu has been fascinated by the hidden properties of numbers since she was a child. The ETH professor is also committed to helping more women pursue careers in mathematics. Read more 

08.03.2017 | News

An insight into the workplace of tomorrow

Could we soon be working alongside robots? Treffpunkt Science City will focus on this and other questions at the Experience Sundays dedicated to "Working in the World 4.0". Read more 

05.03.2017 | News

Learning languages on the Hönggerberg campus

Language courses in books and on DVD, foreign language films and game evenings in the language you are learning – the new Self-Access Centre on the Hönggerberg campus, which was recently opened by ETH Rector Sarah Springman, offers all this and more. Read more 

01.03.2017 | News

Globi at ETH

ETH Zurich received a visit from one of Switzerland’s most famous comic book heroes this morning. While his latest book was presented to media professionals and members of the book trade, Globi entertained a group of around 30 children who had received an exclusive invitation to the event. Read more 

22.02.2017 | Press release

Old Masters for young students

ETH Zurich’s Collection of Prints and Drawings is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. To mark this occasion, it is not only opening up its extraordinary collection and displaying selected treasures, it is also focusing on attracting a younger audience and intensifying collaboration with ETH researchers. Read more 

22.11.2016 | News

Fifty years of the Archives of Contemporary History

What began as a student initiative has today become one of Switzerland's most distinguished archives. Time for a quick retrospective and a glimpse into the digital future. Read more 

19.11.2016 | Press release

The courage of one’s convictions

At ETH Day, Rector Sarah Springman explained how it is more important than ever for the university’s educational goals to draw on the ideals of the Enlightenment, and laid out the new teaching concepts that she intends to use to achieve this. In his own address, Roche CEO Severin Schwan emphasised the significance of researchers’ autonomy in a country’s capacity to innovate.  Read more 

14.11.2016 | News

At the frontier of quantum physics

The ETH Zurich Latsis Prize 2016 goes to ETH physics professor Jonathan Home. He studies the frontier between quantum and classical physics using individual charged atoms that he controls with high precision. Read more 

09.11.2016 | News

Robotic encounters

Visitors are flocking to Treffpunkt Science City. Around 3,600 captivated visitors attended the Sunday Special “Die Roboter sind los” (Robots on the loose) to see ETH Zurich's various robotics projects in action. The event gave guests a chance to not only learn and marvel at these innovative technologies, but also to do some experiments themselves. Read more 

26.10.2016 | News

Welcome to the World 4.0!

Self-driving cars, talking robots and intelligent houses: the autumn edition of the Treffpunkt Science City series begins next Sunday and will focus on everyday life in the World 4.0. Read more 

21.10.2016 | News

President of Slovakia visits ETH Zurich

On Friday, ETH President Lino Guzzella received the President of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, and Swiss Federal President Johann N. Schneider-Ammann at the Hönggerberg campus. The Slovak president was accompanied by a science and business delegation. Read more 

19.10.2016 | News

“Collaboration has never been as close as it is today”

This week, the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano celebrates its 25th anniversary. Christoph Schär, ETH professor with the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, was there from the very start. In the following interview, he describes how supercomputers have developed over this period. Read more 

07.10.2016 | News | 2 Comments

Zurich aims to extend high profile research on skin

A new interdisciplinary, large-scale project from the "Hochschulmedizin Zürich" network focuses on skin research in Zurich. This will help the city to become a world-leading centre of research in this field. Read more 

07.10.2016 | News | 1 Comment

All systems go for the Cybathlon

More than 70 teams from 25 countries will compete in the Cybathlon tomorrow, Saturday 8 October. The competitors are gradually arriving in Zurich, armed with high-tech gadgets and full of energy and excitement. In addition to victory at the Cybathlon, all are hoping that the assistive technology will soon be further improved. Read more 

06.10.2016 | News

ETH alumnus becomes head of real estate

As of 1 March 2017, Daniel Bucheli will take over as Director of ETH Zurich's Public Real Estate Management Division. He has degrees in architecture and management from ETH Zurich. Read more 

28.09.2016 | News

Breaking down the barriers in our minds

What role does technology play in equality for people with disabilities? Experts and scientists have been discussing this question in the run-up to the world’s first Cybathlon at ETH Zurich. Read more 

26.09.2016 | News

Ultrafast processes in the blink of an eye

Ultrafast processes beyond the human imagination occur in nature, but basic research has been able to measure and explore them only since the turn of the millennium. A book and an exhibition by the National Centre of Competence in Research Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology (NCCR MUST) now connect this to everyday life by inviting you on a journey into time. Read more 

21.09.2016 | News

Stable on top level

The university ranking list season draws to a close with the release of the THE Ranking. ETH Zurich maintains its position in the top ten at ninth place. Time to take stock. Read more 

20.09.2016 | News | 1 Comment

Off we go!

World-class education, lifelong friendships, and excellent job prospects: first-semester students at ETH have high expectations. Read more 

14.09.2016 | Press release

Rising numbers of students

On Monday, 2,843 undergraduates are expected to start their studies at ETH Zurich. The total number of students at the university and the number of applications for master’s degrees will both reach a record high in the new semester. Read more 

10.09.2016 | News

Are there decisive answers to undecidable questions?

Unsolvable problems, the nature of the infinite and the question of whether and how mathematics can be definitively substantiated – these issues are the focus of the Bernays Lectures 2016. The speaker for this year’s honorary lectures at ETH Zurich is W. Hugh Woodin, Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics at Harvard University. Read more 

30.08.2016 | News

Using force to stifle dialogue

In a comment on ETH News, ETH President Lino Guzzella is strongly disapproving the attack on a plant breeding congress. Read more 

29.08.2016 | News

A leader with good instincts

ETH’s sixth annual togETHer staff party was held on Friday, 26th August. It was also a very special occasion for Lorenz Hurni, Professor of Cartography, who was presented with the Golden Tricycle award in recognition of his skill in fostering an optimum balance between work and family life. Arik Jung, President of the Academic Association of Scientific Staff at the ETH Zurich (AVETH), presented him with the award. Read more 

13.07.2016 | Press release

Living on campus

As well as being a site of research and teaching, ETH’s Hönggerberg campus is also set to become a place to live. When the semester gets underway in September, some 900 students will move into their new homes right next to lecture halls and laboratories. Read more 

30.06.2016 | News

Paving the way for the treatments of the future

Experts see great opportunities in the field of personalised medicine, but it will require the widespread exchange of patient data. This is one of the key lessons to emerge from this year’s Latsis Symposium at ETH Zurich. The researchers called on politicians to formulate data protection legislation so that it does not hinder progress in the field of personalised medicine. Read more 

17.06.2016 | News

New centre for public governance

ETH Zurich is establishing a new centre specialising in public governance. The intention is to fill the gap in the educational programmes currently on offer, and to bolster ETH’s research activity in this sphere. Read more 

16.06.2016 | Zukunftsblog

Sustainable Catering on the Campus

We usually envision sustainable development in the halls of academia as research and teaching in environmental sciences, engineering and architecture. What we barely think of, however, is food – and food on campus even less. This is what our initiative aims to change. Read more 

15.06.2016 | News

An obsession with surfaces

The winner of the Max Rössler Prize 2016 is Christophe Copéret. The chemist focuses on the design of functional materials via a molecular approach, such as solid catalysts, derivatization of microelectronic devices, and developing new imaging techniques to visualise individual particles or track metabolites in the human body. Read more 

08.06.2016 | News

Broad acceptance of gender equality at ETH Zurich

Two years after its launch, an evaluation of ETH Zurich’s Gender Action Plan has confirmed a greater awareness of gender equality issues within ETH. However, it will take a while longer before there is a significant increase in the proportion of female students and professors. Read more 

07.06.2016 | News | 1 Comment

A Herculean task with no ready-made solution

On Monday, the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich and the Energy Initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) welcomed guests to a joint symposium in Zurich on the future of global energy supplies. Greater energy efficiency, improved battery performance and the digitalisation of energy systems will make key contributions.   Read more 

05.06.2016 | News

ETH at Gottardo 2016 public event

At the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, ETH Zurich researchers and students from the civil engineering and mechanical engineering departments demonstrated to the audience through practical experiments how new technologies are shaping the future of mobility. Read more 

19.05.2016 | News

An IT festival for everyone

On 3 and 4 June, businesses, government bodies and research institutions will be opening their doors: On the first ever IT Days, the canton of Zurich will be showcasing its status as a centre for information and communication technology. ETH Zurich will also be there. Read more 

18.05.2016 | News

Polybahn Pitch featuring Gerd Folkers

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to ETH Zurich with Gerd Folkers: the former director of the Collegium Helveticum tells us in a new Polybahn Pitch why, as head of the Critical Thinking Initiative, he is questioning existing structures in the academic world. Read more 

30.04.2016 | News | 3 Comments

A pop-up restaurant on the Polyterrasse

Five ETH Zurich alumni will be operating a temporary restaurant in front of ETH Zurich’s main building from 9 May to 5 June. They will be bringing research findings into the kitchen with their innovative dishes. Read more 

26.04.2016 | News

2015 Annual Report published

ETH’s new 2015 annual report is here. Appearing for the first time in an expanded format, it offers a comprehensive overview of the events, achievements and developments that have shaped the past year at ETH. Read more 

23.04.2016 | News | 1 Comment

The Collection of Prints and Drawings is to have a new head

Farewell after 24 years: Paul Tanner, head of the Collection of Prints and Drawings at ETH Zurich, is retiring. His successor, Linda Schädler, will take over the position on 1 May. Read more 

22.04.2016 | News

ETH meets California

ETH Zurich unraveled the mysteries of science and technology in a series of public gatherings held in San Francisco and the Bay Area called, "ETH Meets California". The events focused on raising awareness and strengthening ETH Zurich's ties in the region. Read more 

16.03.2016 | News

“In collaborative work like this, trust and respect are essential.”

On 10 and 11 March, a delegation of board members and researchers from South Africa visited ETH Zurich. ETH News spoke to two researchers who have been working together for more than 10 years: Jens Kossmann, Director of the Institute for Plant Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University, and Samuel Zeeman, Head of the Group of Plant Biochemistry at ETH Zurich, explain what goes into making a collaboration across 10,000 km successful. Read more 

15.03.2016 | News | 2 Comments

A visit to the ETH stand at CeBIT

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Johann Schneider-Ammann visited the ETH Zurich stand at this year’s CeBIT. ETH President Lino Guzzella personally introduced the political leaders of Germany and Switzerland two recent examples of ETH research. Read more 

13.03.2016 | News

Polybahn Pitch featuring Robert Riener

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to the ETH Zurich main building with Robert Riener: the Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at ETH Zurich tells us in a new Polybahn Pitch, why ETH Zurich is organising the Cybathlon, a competition for people with disabilities. Read more 

10.03.2016 | Zukunftsblog

Welches Wachstum wollen wir?

Derzeit findet die vierte Nachhaltigkeitswoche an fünf Zürcher Hochschulen statt. Für jeden Tag halten die Organisatoren eine zentrale Forderung bereit – die vom Montag lautet: Mehr wachstumskritische Wirtschaftstheorien zu lehren und erforschen. An einem Podium zum Thema diskutierten Fachleute darüber, ob Wachstum erstrebenswert sei. Read more 

05.03.2016 | News

Polybahn Pitch feat. Ulrich Weidmann

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to the ETH Zurich main building with Ulrich Weidmann: The Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure at ETH Zurich tells us in a new Polybahn Pitch what type of environment we need for successful research and education. Read more 

28.02.2016 | News

Fascinating medicine at Treffpunkt Science City

The spring edition of the Treffpunkt Science City series begins next Sunday. The events revolve around the issue of health, and specifically, how the latest advances in research can improve it. Read more 

22.02.2016 | News

The ETH-Bibliothek is going digital – but remains a treasure trove of books

Digitalisation is changing the world. The libraries of the future will have to increasingly adapt to this fact, but shouldn’t restrict themselves to guiding students and researchers through a sea of digital data, writes Ulrich Weidmann, Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure, and responsible for the ETH-Bibliothek. The library at ETH will also maintain and provide a complete spectrum of requested media in the long term. Read more 

19.02.2016 | Press release

Suspected hacker arrested

At the end of January 2016, a hacker infiltrated the ETH Zurich IT system. Thanks to swift intervention and effective cooperation between the public prosecution service, police and ETH Zurich, a suspect was arrested shortly after the attack was discovered. The suspect is an ETH student. Read more 

10.02.2016 | News

ETH Zurich bids farewell to Jakob Nüesch

During his presidency, from 1990 to 1997, the pharmaceutical researcher with a background in agricultural science made a lasting impression on ETH Zurich. Jakob Nüesch passed away on 4 February 2016 at the age of 83. Read more 

01.02.2016 | News

“We want to inspire young people to get involved in start-ups”

Last Friday at ETH Zurich an event was held to coincide with the World Web Forum digital conference. The event hosted well-known speakers such as John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi. This free forum for students, trainees, and young professionals was organised by the Department of Computer Science. Department Head Markus Püschel explains its purpose. Read more 

23.12.2015 | News

From gigantic planets to tiny images

From the smallest ever printed colour image and the world’s largest plant seeds to the darkest matter in the infinite expanse of the universe – over the past year, ETH research has focussed on all animate and inanimate aspects of the natural world, presenting fascinating results and ingenious inventions. ETH News again looks back on the past year with a selection of highlights from 2015. Read more 

13.12.2015 | Globe magazine

New routes to success

As vice-president of human resources and infrastructure, Roman Boutellier has played a defining role in ETH Zurich’s robust development. Now he is ready to retire, and ETH professor Ulrich Weidmann has been tapped to follow in his footsteps. Read more 

09.12.2015 | Press release | 5 Comments

The ETH main building is getting a new forecourt

A clearer separation from the street and traffic-restricted atria: the plans for ETH’s new forecourt. The renovation is planned from 2018–2019; the building will remain open for business as usual. Read more 

21.11.2015 | Press release

«Doing the right things»

On the 160th anniversary of ETH Zurich, Rector Sarah Springman described how she wants to provide students with the tools they need for their future careers in a rapidly changing professional world. In her address, Mayor Corine Mauch emphasised how important open-mindedness is for the future of ETH and for the city of Zurich. Read more 

10.11.2015 | News | 1 Comment

‘Diplomatic engineering’ with ex-Federal Councillor Calmy-Rey

Micheline Calmy-Rey gave a public lecture at ETH Zurich last Monday in which she spoke about Swiss foreign policy and called for an active role in international nuclear disarmament negotiations. Her visit took place as part of a joint seminar between the University of Geneva and ETH Zurich. Read more 

09.11.2015 | News

“It's scarcely possible to grasp intuitively”

In November 1915, Albert Einstein presented the general theory of relativity. A symposium at ETH Zurich celebrates the 100th anniversary of this groundbreaking theory from 12 to 14 November. Read more 

07.11.2015 | News

When arguing is fun

Every Wednesday evening the art of free speech is exercised in the ETH Zurich Students' Debate Club. Participants meet to debate about god and the world. Club President Jonathan Feldstein explains what people can learn through argumentative manoeuvring. Read more 

31.10.2015 | News

Lines that blur reality

ETH Zurich's Collection of Prints and Drawings is currently exhibiting drawings from the 1950s that were discovered in Andy Warhol’s estate. These early works reveal unexpected sides of the famous artist, providing a glimpse into his unique approach, the so-called “blotted line” technique. Read more 

28.10.2015 | News

Congratulations with a hoodie

Bachelor students who passed their first-year examinations were given a special hoodie from ETH Rector Sarah Springman – as congratulations for passing their exams but also to strengthen the students' bond with their university. Read more 

11.10.2015 | News

Polybahn Pitch featuring Nicole Wenderoth

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to ETH Zurich with Nicole Wenderoth: the Professor for Neural Control of Movement and head of ETH Zurich’s Institute of Human Movement Science and Sport tells us in a new Polybahn Pitch how she can influence someone else’s brain. Read more 

30.09.2015 | News

Another top-ten ranking

Another enthusiastic endorsement: ninth place for ETH Zurich in the prestigious THE rankings. Read more 

25.09.2015 | News

A rail expert for the Executive Board

The ETH Board has announced its new Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure at ETH Zurich: Ulrich Alois Weidmann. Who is he and what has inspired him to become a member of the Executive Board? Read more 

24.09.2015 | News

“I’m interested in almost everything”

On Monday Kay Schaller was elected as the new VSETH president. He takes over this important role of representing his fellow students from his predecessor, Thomas Gumbsch. Schaller is not expecting any respite from his chemistry studies; instead he hopes to gain valuable experience for his future career. Read more 

15.09.2015 | News | 4 Comments

ETH moves into the top 10

In this year’s QS World University Rankings, ETH Zurich has pushed into the top 10 for the first time: its position in ninth place is due primarily to a jump in the ‘citations per faculty’ indicator. Read more 

14.09.2015 | News | 3 Comments

The journey is the reward

A lot of practice and a different approach to theory were on show during the first ETH Week. Over the course of the week, about 130 students from 15 departments developed proposals for a sustainable food system. The event forms part of the Critical Thinking initiative, in which ETH Zurich promotes creative and inter-disciplinary thought. Read more 


Polybahn Pitch feat. Ueli Maurer

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to ETH Zurich with Ueli Maurer: the computer science professor and head of ETH Zurich’s Institute of Theoretical Computer Science tells us in a new Polybahn Pitch what he’s doing to contribute to internet security. Read more 

06.09.2015 | Press release

Scientifica was a crowd pleaser

The fourth edition of Scientifica was a resounding success: This weekend, 25,000 visitors had the chance to experience research at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich first-hand. True to its theme of light, the science fair in Zurich presented great highlights, spotlights and plenty of enlightenment. Read more 

04.09.2015 | News

At the frontier of the quantum world

French Nobel laureate Serge Haroche will give the Paul Bernays Lectures next week at ETH Zurich. In his research he deals with the transition from quantum physics to classical physics. Read more 

31.08.2015 | News

Lights on for Scientifica 2015

At Scientifica 2015, everything revolves around the theme of light. This weekend’s event will feature 300 researchers from ETH and the University of Zurich presenting their work and explaining how they use light to observe and understand the world. Read more 

10.07.2015 | Press release

Conducted properly – published incorrectly

In early 2015, Olivier Voinnet, ETH Zurich professor for RNA Biology, was accused in online forums of manipulating figures in his publications. The Executive Board of ETH Zurich is now publishing the report of the independent commission of inquiry into the accusations made against the ETH professor. According to the report, Voinnet breached his duty of care in the handling of figures as well as in his supervisory duties as a research director. ETH is taking appropriate measures to address the issue.  Read more 

27.06.2015 | News

3D for all

The use of 3D printing continues to rise among students and researchers. ETH Zurich has set up a special web platform so people will be able to find the right printer faster in future. At the same time, the ETH Additive Manufacturing Community has also been created, forming a place where researchers can exchange ideas on the various applications of 3D printing. Read more 

25.06.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Unsere Verantwortung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Die ETH Zürich will und soll ihre Aufgaben für Forschung, Lehre und den Campus-Betrieb möglichst im Einklang mit einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung erfüllen. Dies in die Praxis umzusetzen, ist in mancher Hinsicht eine Herausforderung, wie unser neuer Nachhaltigkeitsbericht zeigt. Doch wir haben auch einiges erreicht. Eine Bestandsaufnahme. Read more 

17.06.2015 | News

Expansion of Information Security

ETH Zurich is expanding its Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC). A donation of five million Swiss francs has been made by Zürcher Kantonalbank to the ETH Zurich Foundation specifically for this purpose. Read more 

11.06.2015 | News

From Laser to Spaser

This year’s Rössler Prize has been awarded to David J. Norris. The materials engineering professor in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering researches nano-optics at the interface of chemistry, materials and engineering. Read more 

29.05.2015 | News

A pioneer of the Swiss internet to retire

Professor Bernhard Plattner, one of the fathers of the Swiss internet and a pioneer in computer networks is set to retire at the end of July 2015. The Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, which he co-founded, will simultaneously celebrate its 25th anniversary with an open day. Read more 

02.05.2015 | News

ETH earth sciences best in the world

ETH Zurich's earth scientists performed especially well in the QS Rankings by Subject, achieving the top ranking among all universities worldwide. ETH's environmental sciences faculty also rank among the best in the world. Read more 

01.05.2015 | News

ETH Zurich’s 2014 Annual Report is now available

ETH Zurich’s 2014 Annual Report is now available, featuring the most significant achievements, developments and events of the past year. Read more 

17.04.2015 | News

Why does research need to be independent?

In the Polybahn-Pitch, Detlef Günther, Vice President Research and Corporate Relations, answers this question in one minute. Read more 

09.04.2015 | Press release

Allegations under investigation

Allegations that were made online against an ETH professor have now been picked up in the media. On learning of the accusations, ETH Zurich immediately appointed an investigative commission. Read more 

07.04.2015 | News | 1 Comment

“Never before has urbanisation mattered as much”

The "Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture Shenzhen" is the largest of its kind. This year, the ETH professors of architecture Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner are part of the four-person curatorial team. An interview with the two co-curators. Read more 

26.03.2015 | News

Nanomedicine pioneer Mauro Ferrari at ETH Zurich

Every year, the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) awards the Aurel Stodola Medal to an outstanding scientist in the discipline. Mauro Ferrari, who researches and teaches in the field of nanomedicine at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, is honoured this year. He will speak about his research on April 1 at ETH Zurich. Read more 

23.03.2015 | News | 2 Comments

La Bella Vita

The Robotics Industry Association presents ETH Professor Raffaello D'Andrea along with entrepreneur Dean Kamen one of the robotics industry's most prestigious honours – the 2015 Engelberger Award for Technology. What are the secrets behind his success? Read more 

12.03.2015 | News

How will ETH Zurich’s sites develop over the next 10 years?

Roman Boutellier, Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure, takes 30 seconds to answer this widely debated question in the latest edition of the videocast “Polybahn pitch”. Read more 

09.03.2015 | Globe magazine

Full steam ahead

A training centre, not a games room: students and SBB trainees alike learn their trade in the ETH railway operations laboratory. Read more 

04.03.2015 | News

Vision for a sustainable energy future

Steven Chu, the American winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics who was US Secretary of Energy between 2009 and 2013, will deliver the Richard R. Ernst lecture this coming Wednesday at ETH Zurich. He will discuss his vision for an economy based on sustainable sources of energy. Read more 

19.02.2015 | News

Switzerland’s ‘Grand Prix Literatur’ award goes to Adolf Muschg

Adolf Muschg, emeritus professor of ETH Zurich, received the Swiss Grand Prix Literatur award for his complete literary works on Thursday. Federal Councillor Alain Berset honoured the writer at the ceremony of the Swiss literary awards.  Read more 

02.02.2015 | News

Sweet coffee creations and healthy wraps

There are now new discoveries to be found in Fusion coffee on the Hönggerberg campus: in addition to the Barista service on the new Starbucks Cafébar, you can now also have your salad prepared as a wrap at the «Greens» counter. Read more 

27.01.2015 | News

The Holocaust is not ‘unimaginable’

Seventy years ago, on 27 January 1945, soldiers of the Red Army liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. Gregor Spuhler, head of the Archives of Contemporary History at ETH Zurich, explains in an interview how his institution contributes to commemorating the Holocaust. Read more 

21.01.2015 | News | 1 Comment

A fresh start for the Swiss higher education system

As of this year, the interests of all higher education institutions in Switzerland are represented by the new Rectors’ Conference of Swiss Universities, known as swissuniversities. On Tuesday, ETH President Lino Guzzella was elected to the swissuniversities Board. Read more 

20.01.2015 | News

A biography in honour of an ETH pioneer

Friday was the day of the launch event for a new book about Robert Gnehm. The occasion was organised by the ETH-Bibliothek and the Association of Swiss Pioneers of Industry and Technology. Read more 

16.01.2015 | News

Citizens create knowledge

Search for asteroids, observe birds or make the computing power of your own computer available: through ‘citizen science’, citizens can participate in various research projects. This week, a workshop takes place at ETH Zurich. Effy Vayena, bioethicist at the University of Zurich and co-organiser of the workshop in an interview. Read more 

15.01.2015 | News | 1 Comment

Ranking in the Knowledge Economy

Phil Baty, Editor for the Times Higher Education World University Ranking lectured at ETH Zurich this week on how university rankings evolved from a student consumer tool to a geopolitical indicator for the knowledge economy. Read more 

07.01.2015 | News

New Executive Board members welcomed with coffee and cake

There were cakes and drinks aplenty on Monday as Lino Guzzella, the new President of ETH Zurich, joined ETH members in celebrating the beginning of a new year – and the start of his term in office. Read more 

05.01.2015 | News

The New Year starts with a new Executive Board

The ETH Executive Board's new formation is starting today. Three new people have taken office, two will continue overseeing their tasks. Here we introduce the team. Also, Lino Guzzella explains in the Polybahn pitch what excites him about ETH. Read more 

19.12.2014 | News

Of racing students and genetic circuits

Programmable cells that can detect cancer, canyons on Mars that may have been formed by lava, and black holes catapulted out of the centre of a galaxy: ETH researchers made a name for themselves in 2014 with some outstanding scientific achievements and exciting hypotheses. It was also a politically charged year for all Swiss research institutions. As the year draws to a close, the ETH News editorial team looks back on some of the most memorable moments. Read more 

18.12.2014 | Press release | 2 Comments

ETH-Bibliothek document delivery service is admissible

Libraries do not infringe copyright by delivering copies and scans of scientific publications, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court has concluded. This reverses the judgment of Zurich Commercial Court. Read more 

17.12.2014 | News

Handing over the baton at the Christmas drinks reception

Around 800 employees accepted their invitations to this year’s Christmas drinks reception organised by the Executive Board. It was Ralph Eichler’s last appearance at an event as President of ETH Zurich. Read more 

17.12.2014 | News

New food concept to be introduced at the Mensa Polyterrasse

The Mensa Polyterrasse will be closed after lunch on 19 December for renovation work. It is due to reopen on 19 January with brand new menus and more checkouts on offer. The Mensa Polyterrasse team will be running a reduced catering service in the dining area from 5 to 16 January. Read more 

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