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14.02.2017 | News

Success by deception

Theoretical physicists from ETH Zurich deliberately misled intelligent machines, and thus refined the process of machine learning. They created a new method that allows computers to categorise data – even when humans have no idea what this categorisation might look like. Read more 

28.08.2015 | News

Thinking outside the box

Design Thinking is an innovation method that puts people centre stage when developing new ideas. For the first time, ETH Zurich is offering master’s students in any field a course on this approach to innovation. Read more 

09.01.2014 | News | 1 Comment

Energy prize for hybrid engine

Lino Guzzella’s research group has won the Watt d’Or 2014 energy prize for development of a natural gas-diesel hybrid engine. The innovative combustion engine system emits up to half as much CO 2 as conventional engines and with the same performance. Read more 

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