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26.06.2017 | News | 1 Comment

A gravity researcher in search of weightlessness

Lavinia Heisenberg is a theoretical physicist. She is reluctant to accept that General Relativity can be used to describe the universe only on the assumption of exotic materials and energy sources. Her goal is thus to update Einstein’s theory. Read more 

15.06.2017 | Globe magazine

Medicine is awash in data

Genomics, digital patient files and real-time health surveillance – never before have we had access to so much health data. Three ETH researchers explain how they extract relevant information from this sea of data and the potential benefits for personalised medicine. Read more 

24.05.2017 | News

Revealing how neurons communicate

The ETH spinoff MaxWell Biosystems AG develops microelectrode platforms for electrophysiological tests on nerve cells, opening up new possibilities for pharmaceutical research. Now, the company received CHF 130,000 in starting capital from the Venture Kick initiative Read more 

18.09.2016 | Globe magazine

The microdoctors in our bodies

ETH researchers are developing tiny, sophisticated technological and biological machines enabling non-invasive, selective therapies. Their creations include genetically modified cells that can be activated via brain waves, and swarms of microrobots that facilitate highly precise application of drugs.  Read more 

16.08.2016 | News

Innovative IT solution to tackle cyber crime

An ETH spin-off, xorlab, has ambitious plans: it has developed a unique IT security solution that provides more effective protection against hacker attacks. Now the product is about to undergo crucial trials in a real business environment. Read more 

07.06.2016 | News | 1 Comment

A Herculean task with no ready-made solution

On Monday, the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich and the Energy Initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) welcomed guests to a joint symposium in Zurich on the future of global energy supplies. Greater energy efficiency, improved battery performance and the digitalisation of energy systems will make key contributions.   Read more 

16.03.2016 | News

“In collaborative work like this, trust and respect are essential.”

On 10 and 11 March, a delegation of board members and researchers from South Africa visited ETH Zurich. ETH News spoke to two researchers who have been working together for more than 10 years: Jens Kossmann, Director of the Institute for Plant Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University, and Samuel Zeeman, Head of the Group of Plant Biochemistry at ETH Zurich, explain what goes into making a collaboration across 10,000 km successful. Read more 

29.02.2016 | News

Game apps for creative kids

Augmented creativity can encourage children towards a new-found sense of creativity, cooperation and interaction with their environment. ETH Zurich’s Game Technology Center will present its latest apps in the field at the CeBIT computer expo. Read more 

04.12.2015 | News

New paradigms for urbanisation

The Biennale for Urban Development and Architecture in Shenzhen opened on 4 December 2015. Two architecture professors from ETH Zurich are co-curators, and the university is making several contributions to the exhibition. In addition, ETH students are working on new projects with colleagues from China, at a temporary school being established for that purpose. Read more 

10.11.2015 | News | 1 Comment

‘Diplomatic engineering’ with ex-Federal Councillor Calmy-Rey

Micheline Calmy-Rey gave a public lecture at ETH Zurich last Monday in which she spoke about Swiss foreign policy and called for an active role in international nuclear disarmament negotiations. Her visit took place as part of a joint seminar between the University of Geneva and ETH Zurich. Read more 

21.10.2015 | News | 1 Comment

Using applied mathematics to track down counterfeits

At this year’s Pauli Lectures, mathematics professor Ingrid Daubechies will offer an insight into her research on wavelets and digital signal processing. Among other applications, she uses these two fields to unequivocally identify forged Van Goghs. Read more 

13.10.2015 | News

Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann is impressed by the ETH team

Johann Schneider-Ammann, Federal Councillor and head of the Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, visited ETH Zurich on Monday. He learned about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation, and expressed how impressed he was by the university's achievements.  Read more 

24.09.2015 | News

“I’m interested in almost everything”

On Monday Kay Schaller was elected as the new VSETH president. He takes over this important role of representing his fellow students from his predecessor, Thomas Gumbsch. Schaller is not expecting any respite from his chemistry studies; instead he hopes to gain valuable experience for his future career. Read more 

16.06.2015 | News

A festival of success stories

On Monday, the “venture” start-up competition celebrated its tenth run. Six ETH Zurich companies were among this year’s finalists, with Pregnostics winning the prize for best business idea. Read more 

28.05.2015 | News

New ETH hub for computer games

ETH Zurich’s new Game Technology Center in the Department of Computer Science will pool Swiss know-how in the development of computer games. This was announced on Wednesday as part of the final presentation of the Game Programming Laboratory. Read more 

16.04.2015 | News

Tracing human evolution with robots

With the help of robots, archaeologists may soon be able to compare their findings with data from thousands of experimental reference samples, enabling them to determine tool use in the Stone Age. ETH scientists have developed a robotic system and presented it at the industry fair in Hanover. Read more 

10.03.2015 | News

Broad support for the Innovation Park in Dübendorf

The Federal Council is pushing ahead with the Swiss Innovation Park: it intends to make 350 million francs available and give the operators land with planning permission. ETH Zurich has been supporting the project for over ten years. Read more 

09.03.2015 | Globe magazine | 1 Comment

Nose made by bioprinters

3D printers are opening up new opportunities in medicine too. A group of researchers in a team led by Marcy Zenobi-Wong is printing cartilage transplants using the body’s own cells. They are personalised and grow with the patient. Read more 

09.12.2014 | News

Key motivators of the open source community

These days, technology companies are tapping into the expertise of online open source communities to develop new software. A research group under the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation is examining how companies can boost the motivation of these unpaid developers. Read more 

05.12.2014 | Globe magazine

Banking software virtuoso

Avaloq CEO Francisco Fernandez is bursting with ambition. Despite quadrupling his company’s turnover and staff since the beginning of the financial crisis, he  refuses to rest on his laurels. His mission: a total rethink of banking, and developing the best solutions for the industry. Read more 

24.11.2014 | News

Effective learning with Wikibooks

Associate professor Thomas Haslwanter motivates his students to contribute to Wikibooks to create a written record of his course. Over the past six years, a 200-page compendium on the subject of sensory systems has emerged and is freely available on the internet. Read more 

07.10.2014 | News

An innovative way to combat exploding healthcare costs

At the ETH Health Talk, researchers met with representatives from business, administration and various associations to discuss the Herculean task of making the Swiss healthcare system ready for the future. Participants called for more transparency, more interdisciplinary research and better underlying data. Read more 

28.08.2014 | News

Urban planning details of the innovation park

Yesterday the canton of Zurich presented its development study for the planned innovation park in the grounds of Dübendorf Air Base. Now the revised master plan must be approved by the cantonal parliament and federal government, and the federal government must decide on the future use of the air base. Read more 

06.08.2014 | News | 1 Comment

The economy of bitcoins

The massive spread of the cryptocurrency or digital currency, Bitcoin, opens up new pathways for researchers to study social action on markets. This reveals interesting feedback between the exchange rates and mentions in social media. Read more 

17.07.2014 | News

Japan turns its back on pacifism

For the last four years, the Japanese government has resolutely resisted China’s increasingly aggressive foreign policy. At the same time, Prime Minister Abe’s cabinet has pushed for a change to Japan’s constitution to remove military constraints. ETH News spoke to political scientist Michael Haas about Japan’s departure from a pacifist security policy. Read more 

03.07.2014 | News | 1 Comment

New competence centre for personalised medicine in Zurich

DNA sequencing has revolutionised life sciences. Now it’s medicine’s turn: thanks to genetic analysis, treatment tailored to individual patients will be a standard feature in the future. With a new competence centre, ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are aiming to lead the way in personalised medicine. Read more 

05.06.2014 | News

The World Cup host is one of our research partners too

Timber construction, informal architecture and biofuels – research partnerships, visiting professorships, start-ups and student projects: all these things connect ETH Zurich and World Cup host Brazil. Read more 

13.05.2014 | News

Euler: more power to drive research

On Monday, ETH has inaugurated the new Euler high-performance computer at the CSCS data center in Lugano, offering researchers extra processing power and flexibility to evaluate data and run complex simulations. Read more 


The Internet of Favourite Things

ETH-Zurich spin-off Qipp uses virtual profiles to connect our favourite objects to the internet. Smartphones enable manufacturers to remain in contact with purchasers throughout a product’s entire lifespan. Read more 

28.03.2014 | News

Russia’s new power

In its Strategic Trends report, the Center for Security Studies (CSS) illuminates the geopolitics of tomorrow. As Russia asserts its power in international affairs with greater frequency, the US is taking a decidedly less active role on the global stage. Read more 

27.03.2014 | News

A playful approach to more sustainability

Consuming less energy is fun! This is the conviction of the ETH offices in charge of environmental matters and sustainability, which are launching a programme to promote sustainable behaviour. The first Energy Efficiency Challenge for ETH employees will be held in May. Read more 

20.03.2014 | News | 1 Comment

New ideas for the “IDEA League”

With the Swedish Chalmers University, another top university has joined the “IDEA League”. This European university grouping is aiming to cooperate even more closely, while its joint doctoral study programme is entering its second round. Read more 

14.03.2014 | News

Pearl-fishing in the sea of data

Data is treasure: new worlds open up to organisations that understand how to scoop useful information out of unstructured data. At the President of ETH Zurich’s "Lokaltermin", researchers and business representatives revealed how data could serve a broad public in future. Read more 

05.03.2014 | News

A Master’s degree course for more energy efficiency in building

A new Master’s degree programme combines competencies from architecture and engineering to create comprehensive expertise in the planning of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The first students will start their course in autumn. Read more 

27.02.2014 | News

“Ukraine needs a national dialogue”

After weeks of confrontation, Ukraine is in search of a political future. The conflict between the new government in Kiev and forces sympathetic to Russia is escalating, particularly in Crimea. Nevertheless, Russia expert Jonas Grätz, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies, does not foresee a return to the Cold War era. Read more 

14.02.2014 | News

Father of “Pascal” turns 80

Niklaus Wirth became internationally renowned for developing the Pascal programming language, allowing a generation of computer scientists to learn to program. This pioneering figure celebrates his 80th birthday – which doesn’t mean he isn’t still busy developing the simplest and most elegant programs possible. Read more 

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