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08.06.2017 | News | 1 Comment

Mobilizing Swiss Research in Asia

ETH Zurich to serve as the Leading House for Swiss Science and Technology programme in the Asia-Pacific region. Leading Houses establish and manage international research collaboration instruments on behalf of the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Read more 

19.05.2017 | News

Building trust and intelligence in a digitalised world

ETH Meets New York to explore Blockchain technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with academia and industry. In two public symposia, we discovered how these disruptive technologies change the way we engage an increasingly digitalised world. Read more 

02.03.2017 | News

New "heart" for CERN's CMS experiment

CERN’s CMS experiment – one of the detectors at the Large Hadron Collider received a new heart today – a pixel detector much like a high-speed digital camera that snaps images up to 40 million times per second. Read more 

27.02.2017 | News

Using Google to map our ecosystem

Researchers in the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory developed a method to quantify ecosystem services of street trees. Using nearly 100,000 images from Google Street View, the study helps further understanding on how green spaces contribute to urban sustainability. Read more 

01.02.2017 | News | 2 Comments

Internationalisation – Essential to success

ETH Zurich is the most international university in the world. This recognition from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings emphasises the value and importance of international exchange for academia, the economy, and society. Read more 

22.04.2016 | News

ETH meets California

ETH Zurich unraveled the mysteries of science and technology in a series of public gatherings held in San Francisco and the Bay Area called, "ETH Meets California". The events focused on raising awareness and strengthening ETH Zurich's ties in the region. Read more 

10.03.2016 | News | 2 Comments

Meet the flying machines of the future

As flying machines become more common-place in our everyday lives, their related technologies are poised to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Ushering in a new era, ETH Zurich researchers are developing dynamic systems that empower flying machines to interact with humans. Read more 

05.10.2015 | News

"Rock Print" at the forefront of architectural innovation

Inspired to take 3D printing technology to new heights, ETH Zurich and MIT researchers create "Rock Print" a full-scale architectural installation for the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Read more 

02.07.2015 | News

Science on your plate

ETH Zurich researchers enlightened guests about the food value chain and the science behind what was served on their plates during the opening ceremony of Zurich week in the Swiss Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 last Monday. Read more 

23.03.2015 | News | 2 Comments

La Bella Vita

The Robotics Industry Association presents ETH Professor Raffaello D'Andrea along with entrepreneur Dean Kamen one of the robotics industry's most prestigious honours – the 2015 Engelberger Award for Technology. What are the secrets behind his success? Read more 

03.02.2015 | News

Drones and the human factor

Last week's accidental crash landing of a drone at the White House heightened the international debate on the regulation of commercial drones. A conference at ETH Zurich addressed the fact that drone technology comes with controversial applications. Read more 

15.01.2015 | News | 1 Comment

Ranking in the Knowledge Economy

Phil Baty, Editor for the Times Higher Education World University Ranking lectured at ETH Zurich this week on how university rankings evolved from a student consumer tool to a geopolitical indicator for the knowledge economy. Read more 

25.09.2014 | News

A spark between human and machine

ETH Zurich and ETH spin-off company Verity Studios AG have teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to demonstrate the value of technology to entertain and delight us. Read more 

28.08.2014 | News

ETH Zurich in Africa

ETH Zurich formalizes collaboration with Stellenbosch University in South Africa to advance science and technology for the benefit of society in the areas of sustainable production systems, human nutrition, and conservation ecology among other areas of mutual interest. Read more 

10.06.2014 | News

Freedom and Responsibility

In some parts of the world there is a lack of freedom and ethical conduct in science. As part of its commitment to the Scholars at Risk Network, ETH Zurich hosted a workshop for Swiss universities. Read more 

08.05.2014 | News

Presidential visit at ETH Zurich

An experiment in which a scale model of Zürich’s main train station is flooded was at the centre of a visit of Singapore’s President, Tony Tan at ETH Zurich. Ralph Eichler, President ETH Zurich emphasized the importance of the ETH research hub in Singapore and proposed an expansion of the activities in the southeast Asian city-state. Read more 

28.04.2014 | 1 Comment

Towards sustainable campuses

Presidents of ten of the world’s leading research universities talked about how research institutions both influence and bring value to society. One way that the IARU member universities have contributed value in their regions is through the IARU Sustainable Campus Initiative. Read more 

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