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31.05.2017 | News

The man with cities on his mind

Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani hasn't just written definitive reference works on urban planning and shaped a generation of ETH architects; he has also run numerous projects of his own. Now, the charismatic Chair for the History of Urban Design is about to retire.   Read more 

02.01.2017 | News

Blackouts and other disasters

Timothy Prior and Florian Roth of the “risk and resilience” team at the Center for Security Studies (CSS) will be appearing as experts on SRF theme day on blackouts. The two researchers work in the field of disaster management, resilience, and risk and crisis communication. ETH News wanted to know about the state of readiness in Switzerland. Read more 

15.03.2016 | News | 2 Comments

A visit to the ETH stand at CeBIT

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Johann Schneider-Ammann visited the ETH Zurich stand at this year’s CeBIT. ETH President Lino Guzzella personally introduced the political leaders of Germany and Switzerland two recent examples of ETH research. Read more 

28.11.2015 | News

Well prepared for the first session

A working group headed by Michael Ambühl, Professor of Negotiation at ETH Zurich, held an introductory event this week for 14 of the newly elected members of the federal parliament from the different parties and cantons. Read more 

23.02.2015 | News

Research with a social relevance

Michael Ambühl, Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management, has just published his much discussed proposal on the implementation of the mass immigration initiative in the Swiss Political Science Review. ETH News spoke to him about the relationship between research and politics. Read more 

06.11.2014 | News

Zurich’s playgrounds through time

The gta exhibition ‘Architecture for Children: Zurich’s Playgrounds’ presents the history of the playground in Zurich since 1950. A treasure trove of photos, films, slideshows and plans are on display, along with examples of how children would design a playground today if they had the opportunity. Read more 

20.10.2014 | News

High Performance Treffpunkt

The popular Treffpunkt Science City is ushering in the new season. From 26 October to 30 November 2014, various events will be held which focus on the theme of ‘high performance’. This is the first summit series under the directorship of Inge Keller-Hoehl, who has taken over from Mercedes Leupp and Rolf Probala. Read more 

08.10.2014 | News

Clear the stage for architecture

gta exhibitions is opening the new season with various projects. One of them is “Atlas”, a project by Tom Emerson, professor of architecture and construction. Read more 

30.09.2014 | News | 1 Comment

Taking stock and exhibiting the results

ETH Zurich’s Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Singapore is undertaking several research projects into sustainable urban development and architectural design. A selection of these research projects is now being presented for the first time as part of an exhibition at ETH Zurich. Read more 

25.08.2014 | News

Switzerland from the air

In a new illustrated book, ETH-Bibliothek is presenting fascinating images from the Swissair Aerial Photography Archive. The view from above reveals the changes to Switzerland’s landscape and culture over the years. Read more 

18.08.2014 | News

Madonnas everywhere

Swiss artist Annelies Štrba’s exhibition opens tonight at ETH Zurich’s Collection of Prints and Drawings. Her contemporary take on images of the Madonna are presented in contrast with prints from Old Masters. Read more 

23.07.2014 | News

Wanted: names for exoplanets

They are called CoRoT-4 b or OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b – exoplanets often have scientific designations that are impossible to pronounce. Now the International Astronomical Union (IAU), working in collaboration with the citizen science project Zooniverse, has announced a public competition in which the 30 most popular exoplanets from a list of 305 will be given new names. Read more 

11.07.2014 | News | 8 Comments

Sarah Springman to become Rector of ETH Zurich

The ETH Board confirmed today that Sarah Springman, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, is to become the new Rector of ETH Zurich. Alongside Lino Guzzella, who will move from the office of Rector to the Presidency, Springman will help shape the future of ETH Zurich as part of the Executive Board from January 2015. Read more 

12.06.2014 | News

High capacity at the heart of the city

After a construction phase of some six years, the 9.6 kilometre cross-city link (Durchmesserlinie) and Löwenstrasse station will open tomorrow in Zurich. ETH News spoke to rail transport expert Ulrich Alois Weidmann, professor of transport systems at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, about the changes the new route will bring. Read more 

19.05.2014 | News

Robotic squid and honeycomb turbines

Undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) have once again given their all and in late May will be presenting 11 new projects developed over the past year. ETH News takes a closer look at two of them. Read more 

16.04.2014 | News

Training engaged in a balancing act

Do future civil engineers at ETH Zurich really learn what they will need in their working lives? And what will their training look like in future? A panel with representatives of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering and industry discussed these topics. Read more 

15.04.2014 | News

No Legionella risk

Today’s edition of Tages-Anzeiger includes an unspecific report claiming the suspected presence of Legionella at the Hönggerberg campus. The fact is that the only part of the campus affected was the HPL building. The building has now been given the all clear. The problem was dealt with immediately and, as a result, the emergency precautionary measures put in place have now been lifted. Read more 

20.02.2014 | News

From learning process to exhibitions

In January 2014, the exhibitions division of the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) appointed two new directors. Niels Olsen and Fredi Fischli hope to breathe new life into the ETH exhibition landscape. Their first exhibition, The Walk, recently opened and demonstrates just what they mean by this. Read more 

14.02.2014 | News

Citius bob on the starting block at Sochi

The Citius bob was co-developed between 2007 and 2012 at ETH Zurich, now it is starting again at the Olympics on Sunday. The bob experts at ETH think with significantly better odds than in Vancouver.   Read more 

20.01.2014 | News

Frisch’s secret diary

In these days, a diary of Max Frisch has been published, which was previously unreleased. The writer describes in it his first year in Berlin.  Read more 

13.01.2014 | News | 1 Comment

Sensors take the tram

For almost two years, researchers at ETH Zurich have been measuring air quality along tram lines in Zurich. They have now presented maps that for the first time show precisely when and where air pollution in Zurich is at its highest. Read more 

17.12.2013 | News

Towards a digital building culture

Matthias Kohler, Professor of Architecture and Digital Fabrication, takes over the leadership of a National Centre of Competence in Research. He talks to ETH News about why it is so important that novel design and fabrication processes evolve and that such a research approach does not remain purely theoretical. Read more 

20.11.2013 | News

A land of tunnels

The Swiss are a nation of tunnel constructors. With its book Tunnelling Switzerland, the Swiss Tunnelling Society sets out a comprehensive record of Swiss tunnel construction described in more than 90 projects. Read more 

28.10.2013 | News

“In an ideal future, we will be redundant”

For 20 years Equal has been committed to securing adequate conditions for men and women at ETH Zurich. The Office for Equal Opportunities at ETH Zurich is celebrating this anniversary with an exhibition and a panel discussion. Read more 

23.10.2013 | News

Every fifth child is overweight

Researchers at ETH Zurich regularly investigate the number of overweight children in Switzerland. The latest figures have just been published. Stefanie Murer, first author of the study, explains what the figures mean. Read more 

21.10.2013 | News

Printing architecture

Two ETH researchers from the Institute for Technology in Architecture have created an immersive space from artificial sandstone with a 3D printer. The work is currently on display in Orléans, France. Read more 

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