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Articles published by ETH News are open for comment. Comments are reviewed by the editorial team, which reserves the right to edit or not publish comments. No correspondence will entered into about such decisions. Please note that comments are stored in the website’s archive and can be found and recalled at any time by a search engine.

The following will not be published:

  • Comments that do not address the subject or which put forward irrelevant arguments.
  • Comments from people who do not provide their full, correct names or a valid email address. Email addresses will be saved, but not published.
  • Threats, disrespectful comments or comments of a racist, sexist or violent nature.
  • Comments of a commercial nature.

The editors accept no responsibility for the factual accuracy of comments.

In addition, for the Zukunftsblog:

Comments must relate to a particular blog entry or previous comments. The editorial team reserves the right to refuse comments if a discussion threatens to become repetitive or one-sided, wanders too far from the original blog topic or moves off-topic.

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