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"President's Selection" is the newsletter from the ETH President which comes out two or three times a year.

ETH Zurich publishes a wealth of up-to-date information about its research and teaching, from which the President makes a small selection that is presented in summary form in each newsletter. This newsletter offers a brief overview of the current "hot topics" in architecture, natural sciences and technology for the friends and alumni of ETH and anyone else who is interested from the worlds of politics, business, science and society at large.

Issue no. 15/December 2014:
"Quantum Engineering"

Cover President's Selection 15/December 2014


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Issues 2014

Issue Main theme
No. 15,
December 2014
Quantum Engineering

German edition (PDF, 258 KB)

English edition (PDF, 260 KB)

Issues 2013

Issue Main theme
No. 14,
December 2013
Integrative risk management

German edition (PDF, 266 KB)

English edition (PDF, 266 KB)

No. 14,
June 2013
Big data

German edition (PDF, 662 KB)

English edition (PDF, 553 KB)

Issues 2012

Issue Main theme Download
No. 12,
June 2012
Global positioning

German edition (PDF, 520 KB)

English edition (PDF, 534 KB)

No. 11,
March 2012
Sustainable urban development

German edition (PDF, 465 KB)

English edition (PDF, 488 KB)

Issues 2011

Issues 2010

Issues 2009

Issue Main theme
No. 5,
December 2009
ETH Zurich - "Honest Broker"

German edition (PDF, 459 KB) (PDF, 459 KB)

English edition (PDF, 455 KB) (PDF, 455 KB)

No. 4,
April 2009
Technical Innovations

German edition (PDF, 321 KB) (PDF, 321 KB)

English edition (PDF, 323 KB) (PDF, 323 KB)

Issues 2008

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