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ETH transfer is the technology transfer office of ETH Zürich. ETH transfer supports the ETH community in all questions relating to research contracts with industry, inventions, patent applications and licensing. ETH transfer supports young entrepreneurs in the early stage of founding their own companies.

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Dr. Silvio Bonaccio is Head of the staff unit ETH transfer.


ETH transfer currently has 26 staff members in the following sub-groups:

  • Research contracts with industry
  • Inventions, patents and software licenses
  • Spin-off support
  • innovation and entrepreneurship lab

Staff of ETH transfer

Research contracts with industry

ETH transfer supports all researchers of ETH Zurich with topics related to research agreements with third parties. ETH transfer also obtains permission from the Vice-President for joint research projects and arranges access to internal ETH funding to provide financial support for projects. more

Inventions, patentes and software licenses

When researchers at ETH Zurich make a new discovery, ETH transfer informs them about all aspects of proprietary rights. Particular attention is paid to how inventions or computer programs can be protected, for example with the help of a patent. more

Technology offers

ETH transfer is responsible for the commercialization of ETH technology. ETH transfer and inventors jointly seek licensing partners for the offered licensing opportunities. technology offers


ETH transfer supports young entrepreneurs in the early stage of founding their own companies. ETH transfer coordinates various support programs such as the Pioneer Fellowships or the ieLab. more

ETH transfer reports directly to the Vice President Research and Corporate Relations.

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