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Various licensing opportunites of ETH Zurich are available. This page presents a selection of inventions that were filed for patents.

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An extended list of technology offers can be found on the webpage of the swiss technology transfer association swiTT.

Latest offer

cyclotron trap

High flux, low dose positron beam for unique material characterization (T-2015-186)

  • for measuring electron density, defects, pores/porosity etc.
  • table-top design, low radiation
    factsheet (PDF, 374 KB)

List of technologies

bladder implant

Stretchable electronics, wireless & passive bladder sensor (T-2016-054)

splicing regulator

Real-time user feedback from unpredictable data streams (T-2015-112)

  • application for teleoperation, raytracing, interactive simulations
  • surrogate functions provides real-time response
    factsheet (PDF, 281 KB)
small forces

Measuring small forces with non-linear parametric oscillator (T-2015-098)

  • application in AC force sensing, mass sensing
  • subatto- to zeptoNewton range, nanotubes as resonators
    factsheet (PDF, 270 KB)
outflow temperature control

Control of heat-transfer fluid outflow temperature (T-2015-089)

  • application for process with constant power and/or temperature
  • improved thermal-energy storage system
    factsheet (PDF, 325 KB)
quantum dots

Heavy metal free quantum dots as emitters (T-2015-061)

cell incubator

Cell incubator combatible with scanning probe microscopy and state of the art optical techniques (T-2015-028)

  • application for cell culture experiments
  • true culture conditions, compatible with imaging techniques
    factsheet (PDF, 328 KB)
splicing regulator

Novel approach to act against the spinal muscular atrophy (T-2015-003)

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