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The rights to commercial exploitation of a technology must be transferred from ETH Zurich to the company in question. This is usually done in the form of a license that allows the company to use the results in a specified way. The conditions for this use are laid down in a license agreement that is negotiated by ETH transfer.

Potential licensees and exploitation strategies

  • The inventors develop their technology to maturity and exploit it by founding their own company (ETH Spin-off, Pioneer Fellows)
  • An independent company is sought which develops the product and then markets or sells it.


  • If you wish to exploit research results or computer programs, please contact ETH transfer. We support members of the ETH community in all contacts with the business sector and assure their freedom of research and scientific independence.
  • License agreements have to be approved by the Vice President Research and Corporate Relations.

Open Source Software Licensing

Open source is a special option of licensing intellectual property. More information here.

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