Innovation and setting up companies

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Scientific findings and new technologies from ETH Zurich are strengthening the Swiss economy and creating jobs.

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship Labs"

ETH Zurich supports would-be company founders with its Pioneer Fellowships. They are given the opportunity to further develop their research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Labs and to work with external coaches and industry representatives.

Setting up companies: Spin-offs

In countless collaboration projects involving industry and research groups at ETH Zurich, new technologies are being researched which partners in industry convert into products and services. There are also 60 to 80 patents registered each year based on the results of research carried out at ETH Zurich. Some of these patents are used by new companies founded specifically for that purpose – often by the inventors themselves – as spin-offs from ETH Zurich. Surveys show that these companies are extremely successful and regularly win prizes for young entrepreneurs.

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