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The Enzo of the Department of Materials (D-MATL) illustrates how scientists consider many different length scales in order to achieve an atomistic understanding of macroscopic material properties.

Pictured is the multiferroic material ErMnO3. In this class of materials the coexistence of various types of long-range order on the atomic scale leads to new physical phenomena and features. Present research focuses on understanding these basic relationships, keeping in mind the material's application potential. Multiferroics could one day provide the basis for new energy-efficient storage units. For ErMnO3 to exhibit certain properties, it is crucial that in any point of the pattern there are always three bright and three dark areas that meet.

Our Enzo shows that despite the complexity of the matter, a materials scientist can also see the beauty of things. The original image was taken by the Multifunctional Ferroic Materials Group.


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