Zoological Collection

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The exhibition in the inner courtyard of the LFW building features all kinds of specimens and models of animals in two main subject areas. The zoological section essentially comprises a systematic overview of the animal kingdom, from single-cell organisms to vertebrates. In addition, various specimens, skeletons and skulls demonstrate the diversity of vertebrates.


Approximately 500 zoological specimens and teaching models


  • Liquid specimens
  • Complete skeletons and skulls
  • Bone specimens
  • Mollusc shells
  • Organ specimens
  • Dry specimens
  • Wax models

Relevance of research and Public

The collection provides an overview of forms and classes in the animal kingdom. It showcases important parasites and intermediate hosts, and uses models to visualize evolutionary and anatomical topics. 

Use of the archive

The exhibition is open to the public and the collections are exclusively used for teaching purposes.

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