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The ETH Zurich University Archives are responsible for the preservation, archival description and promotion of documents of lasting value from ETH Zurich, the ETH Board as well as private papers of scientists and associations with close ties to ETH Zurich.


  • ETH-Zurich and ETH-Board Archives: 1,870 metres (status 2016)
  • Personal archives: 1,950 metres (status 2016)


  • Minutes and other records of the Swiss School Board (1854–1992), of organisational units of ETH Zurich (since 1854) and of the ETH Board (since 1993)
  • Private papers of engineers: e.g. Karl Culmann, Robert Maillart, Aurel Stodola
  • Private papers of natural scientists: e.g. Albert Einstein documents by Carl Seelig, Vladimir Prelog, Leopold Ruzicka, Rudolf Wolf
  • Private papers of mathematicians: e.g. Paul Bernays, Heinz Hopf, Hermann Weyl, Eduard Stiefel, George Pólya
  • Private papers of psychologists: e.g. C.G. Jung Papers Collection
  • Subject-based archives with contents related to ETH Zurich: e.g. Archives of the History of Nuclear Energy in Switzerland
  • Archives of student associations and academic societies

Relevance of research and Public

The balanced mix of administrative records and private papers is complemented by archives that have a structural or subject-based connection to ETH Zurich. Together, they form a solid foundation for research on technical, social and science history issues.

Moreover, the private papers, student administration records and the continuously expanded biographical documentation are also a valuable source for genealogical and other biographically oriented research.

Current activities, projects

Use of the archive / online presence

  • Minutes of the Swiss School Board Meetings are freely accessible via Schulratsprotokolle Online.
  • Digitally indexed archival material can be searched via the Knowledge Portal or in Archivdatenbank Online.
  • Electronically only a minor part of the private papers is described in detail on ETH-Bibliothek's Knowledge Portal and in Archivdatenbank Online. The rest is roughly described on fonds level.
  • Private papers that are not recorded in detail electronically are indexed fully via an internal card index.
  • Selected private papers are indexed in inventories, which can be ordered on the Knowledge Portal in print form or viewed electronically via ETH E-Collection.
  • Private papers are continuously digitised and made accessible on the portal in due consideration of the legal parameters.
  • Please arrange an appointment in advance with to access archival material. In original it may only be examined on site in the Reading Room Collections and Archives.
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