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ETH Zurich's Thomas Mann Archives open up Thomas Mann's literary legacy for research and the interested public.


  • 110,000 manuscript and typescript pages
  • 84,000 press articles
  • 25,000 printed media


  • Thomas Mann's literary legacy
  • The author's personal library
  • His final study
  • Collections of works, translations and secondary literature
  • Photo collection
  • Art collection
  • Audio documents

Relevance of research and Public

The Thomas Mann Archives own the largest number of Thomas Mann documents in the world, making them the main research centre on the author's life and work. Moreover, the archives publish the academic series "Thomas-Mann-Studien".

Visitors can view the author's unique, fully reconstructed study in a showroom, complete with his extensive library. Events and tours are available for the general interested public.   

Current activities, projects

Thanks to the project TMPersonalLibrary, Thomas Mann's handwritten marginalia in his own library are being recorded, digitised and rendered accessible.

Use of the archive / online presence

  • The entire manuscript holdings and the historical press collections can be searched via Thomas-Mann-Archiv Online.
  • All printed media, including Thomas Mann’s personal library, can be searched on ETH-Bibliothek's Knowledge Portal.
  • The reference library and the digital copies of the original manuscripts and press articles can be viewed in the reading room (by appointment).
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