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ETH-Bibliothek's map collection offers a comprehensive range of modern, academic maps and geodata, as well as the corresponding infrastructure and consulting expertise.


  • 400,000 maps
  • Including 700 maps from before 1850
  • 1,250 atlases


  • Scientific, technical and topographical maps and atlases
  • Folding maps (sometimes loanable) and wall maps (for use on the premises)
  • Range of government geodata (for members of ETH Zurich)

Relevance of research and Public

The extensive current and historical map holdings are constantly expanded. They comprise around 400,000 scientific, technical and topographical maps and atlases from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century from all regions of the world, including individual maps, map series, town maps, panoramas and aerial photographs.

These are joined by some rare and valuable map illustrations from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, over 400 CD ROMs, a range of electronic maps and government geodata. 

Current activities, projects

Use of the archive / online presence

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