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focusTerra is the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH Zurich, and explains backgrounds and complex processes in and on our planet in an easily understandable way.


  • Modern exhibition tower with three floors on the topics "Dynamics of the Earth", "Treasures of the Earth" and "Archives of the Earth" with interactive elements
  • Selected exhibits from the Earth Science Collections of ETH Zurich


  • Earthquake simulator
  • The Omniglobe
  • The Indergand Crystal
  • The Öhninger Painting
  • Historical reliefs of the Alps
  • Numerous minerals from the Earth Science Collections of ETH Zurich

Relevance of research and Public

focusTerra uses exhibitions and activities to inspire more than 20,000 visitors a year to treat nature responsibly. It reaches and promotes young scientists, and helps overcome inhibitions regarding the natural sciences. Moreover, it addresses sections of the population who can't be reached with more common academic communication methods. 

Current activities, projects

  • Temporary special exhibitions
  • Public tours on Sunday, geological city tours
  • Events for young and old, hobby scientists and experts (e.g. talks, Long Night of the Museums in Zurich, experimenting and storytelling afternoons)

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