Collection: "Anatomy of Domestic Animals"

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The exhibition is located in the inner court of the LFW building. It presents a multitude of excellently preserved specimens and models of food animals. These are organized according to organ systems and displayed in four showcases. The three dimensional models facilitate the comprehension of the body position and make of the inner organs of horse, cattle, sheep, swine and chicken. Plates with detailed descriptions and pictures allow an in depth study of the anatomy of these animals. 


  • 4 mobile showcases
  • 2 skeletons of horse and cattle displayed in showcases
  • 4 showcases on walls with examples of typical pathologies
  • Skulls of large ruminants displayed on the walls of the "Lichthof"


  • Clastique anatomy models
  • Preparation of organs in conserving liquid
  • Skeletons and skulls
  • Bone preparations
  • Series of models explaining embryology
  • Plastinates

Relevance of research and Public

The collection comprises teaching and demonstration material of food animal anatomy and pathology. Serial skull collections allow the study of characteristic features of the different domestic animals during the process of domestication.

Current activities, projects 

Over the years maintenance of the collection includes the continuous plastination of specimens that had originally been preserved in liquid.

Use of the archive

The exhibition is open to the public. It is exclusively used for teaching purposes.

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