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ETH Zurich aims to seize the opportunities of the digital age and provide its collections and archives for research, teaching and the public with an eye to the future. With this goal in mind, the Executive Board approved the Strategy 2015 to 2020 (PDF, 57 KB) for ETH Zurich's collections and archives in November 2014.

Broad range of topics

ETH Zurich's collections and archives include around 20 facilities that own Swiss cultural artefacts and valuable research data. Part of ETH Zurich’s basic mission is to look after and safeguard these unique, internationally important materials, and make them publicly accessible. The range includes:

  • Scientific and art historical collections dating back to the founding era of ETH Zurich
  • Archives and cultural-historical collections founded in the second half of the 20th century which document the history of ETH Zurich and scientific, social and economic developments up to the present day
  • The literary legacies of Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Thomas Mann and the renowned author, architect and ETH Zurich alumnus Max Frisch
  • Exhibition facilities as venues for the public mediation of art and the dialogue between science and society
  • Cooperative new foundations in accordance with the need for concrete visual material in university teaching

The service portfolio and the holdings of the collections and archives are continuously updated. Besides digital services, activities such as exhibitions, publications, tours or presentations contribute towards an intensive exchange between the university and the general public.

Strategic focuses

ETH Zurich combines the information science skills of ETH Library with the specialist skills of the collection owners in the departments to look after its research-relevant, culturally and scientifically important collections, and carry them into the digital age. Its activities are currently focused on the following areas:

  • Developing a digital infrastructure for collections of scientific objects as a central ETH Library service
  • Conducting broad-based indexing and digitisation projects in cooperation with the collection owners with a view to improving accessibility significantly for research and teaching
  • Establishing and expanding attractive online platforms for the general public and scientific community
  • Devising measures for preventive conservation and restoration in order to protect cultural assets

The Collections and Archives Committee advises and supports the Executive Board of ETH Zurich in the strategic development of its collections and archives.

Further information is available in the brochure ETH Zurich's Collections and Archives. Scientific Heritage for Future Research.


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