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The collections and archives of ETH Zurich encompass just under 20 facilities. Their diversity reflects the historic development of collections at the university and its modern potential for research and teaching. The extensive and valuable holdings are of a high standard and cover a wide range of topics:

  • Natural scientific and art historical collections whose origins date back to the founding era of ETH Zurich
  • Archives and cultural-historical collections founded in the second half of the 20th century and their holdings documenting scientific, university policy, social and economic developments up to the present day
  • Archives of important writers
  • Museums as venues for public presentation of art and sciences
  • New collections in accord with modern requirements for concrete illustrative material

The holdings of the collections and archives are continuously supplemented. Furthermore, with new modern services the offering is continuously developed and adjusted to today’s requirements in terms of research and teaching.

It is part of the basic mission of the university to look after, preserve and make these unique Swiss cultural goods accessible. Besides conservation and safety aspects, the digitization of documents and objects as well as their presentation are centre stage. The focus of sourcing activities is on online platforms. This is a way of establishing references to other institutions and today’s research. By means of other activities like exhibitions, publications, tours or lectures the collections and archives contribute to an intensive exchange between the university and the public at large.

The Collections and Archives Committee advises and supports the Executive Board of ETH Zurich in the strategic development of the collections and archives.

In November 2014 ETH Zurich's Executive Board agreed on the strategy 2015 to 2020 (PDF, 55 KB) for ETH Zurich's collections and archives.

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