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Permit obligation/practice for granting permit

The processing of permit applications is based on the Regulations on Room Use at ETH Zurich (PDF, 117 KB). There are also internal guidelines to ensure standardised practice for granting permits.

Whether a permit is required cannot always be judged conclusively. If in doubt, please contact us.

Processing period

Please note that we require some time for our internal enquiries. This depends on the complexity of the event/campaign in question.

The applicant is responsible for submitting the application (form) on time. Requests submitted less than 2 weeks before an event / campaign will not be processed and consequently will be rejected.


  1. Applicant: event organiser submits request/concept to
  2. Permits Office: establishes whether there is a permit obligation; carries out initial evaluation of the concept (possibly with queries and corrections)
  3. Permits Office: sends request for consultation to the organisations involved and establishes feasibility if necessary
  4. Permits Office: gathers feedback and makes a decision (permit/conditions/rejection)
  5. Applicant: receives the decision by e-mail from the Permits Office

Official bodies involved

Complex requests are sent to the following ETH bodies for evaluation:

  • Corporate Communications (HK)
  • Rectorate and Academic Services
  • Facility Management
  • Safety, Security, Health and the Environment Department (SGU)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Coordinator for partner organisations
  • Scientific Coordination Office
  • Division for Events and Location Development


An objection can be raised against decisions made by the Permits Office, providing it is sent in writing within 5 days. In such cases, the application is put before the Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure who makes the final decision. The appeal must be submitted to the Permits Office.

Form for requesting an appeal (DOCX, 112 KB) (DOCX, 112 KB)

Permits from the City of Zurich

The permits issued by the ETH Permits Office are internal. They do NOT replace permits from the City of Zurich. (Evidence of holding a permit from the City of Zurich Police Department may be a requirement for obtaining a permit from ETH.)

For events at ETH (indoors or outdoors), you require a permit from the City of Zurich Police Department if you are planning to:

  • use loudspeakers outdoors
  • erect temporary structures outdoors (marquees, platforms, temporary staging)
  • dispense food and drinks for payment (unless in the designated catering areas)

You can find more information here:

Permit from the City of Zurich Police Department

Note: the request for a permit must be submitted to the City of Zurich Police Department at least four weeks before the event.

Planning permission:

The positioning of exhibits on the ETH Zurich site and any construction work may require a permit from the City of Zurich.

Processing may take up to 3 months. Please contact us well in advance.

For granting permits to scientific exhibits and structures, a specific internal ETH process has been defined. There are different procedures depending on the positioning, size and characteristics of the project.

Information sheet “Internal ETH procedure for granting permits to temporary installations on the Science City campus” (PDF, 143 KB) (PDF, 143 KB)

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