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Verschiedene Technologien der ETH Zürich stehen zur Lizenzierung zur Verfügung. Die untenstehende Liste zeigt eine Auswahl der zum Patent angemeldeten Erfindungen.

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Neustes Angebot

cell incubator

Cell incubator combatible with scanning probe microscopy and state of the art optical techniques (T-2015-028)

  • application for cell culture experiments
  • true culture conditions, compatible with imaging techniques factsheet (PDF, 328 KB)


bladder implant

Stretchable electronics, wireless & passive bladder sensor (T-2016-054)

splicing regulator

Real-time user feedback from unpredictable data streams (T-2015-112)

  • application for teleoperation, raytracing, interactive simulations
  • surrogate functions provides real-time response
    factsheet (PDF, 281 KB)
small forces

Measuring small forces with non-linear parametric oscillator (T-2015-098)

  • application in AC force sensing, mass sensing
  • subatto- to zeptoNewton range, nanotubes as resonators
    factsheet (PDF, 270 KB)
outflow temperature control

Control of heat-transfer fluid outflow temperature (T-2015-089)

  • application for process with constant power and/or temperature
  • improved thermal-energy storage system
    factsheet (PDF, 325 KB)
ultrasound imaging

Hand-held ultrasound imaging of breast for tumor screening (T-2015-075)

  • application in health-care, medical devices, diagnosis
  • tissue characterization by speed of sound mapping
    factsheet (PDF, 410 KB)
quantum dots

Heavy metal free quantum dots as emitters (T-2015-061)

  • applications in solid-state lightning, biotech imaging
  • nanocrystals, colloidal synthesis, programmable composition
    factsheet (PDF, 280 KB)
splicing regulator

Novel approach to act against the spinal muscular atrophy (T-2015-003)

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