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In dieser Rubrik werden aktuelle Wettbewerbe und Programme vorgestellt.
Diese werden jeweils von Unternehmen oder Forschungseinheiten bzw. Hochschulen angeboten und stehen nicht direkt mit dem ETH Career Center in Verbindung. Diese Informationen werden lediglich zur Verfügung gestellt; das ETH Career Center übernimmt für Inhalt und Bewerbungen keine Verantwortung.

Details und Informationen sind direkt in den Ausschreibungen enthalten.

Wettbewerb/ Programm
Host Details
May 2017

Falmouth University’s post-graduate Launchpad programme

On our unique post-graduate course, you’ll establish and become a Director in your own start-up, receive a £16k stipend and earn a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. You’ll be supported by experienced mentors and the programme is backed industry partners, including global businesses such as Amazon, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Hitachi.

Falmouth University Details and Application

Application Deadline:

25. May 2017

BCG female mentorship - Womentoring

Our new female mentorship program is set up to support you and identify career options at an early stage of your studies. It is designed as an interactive and continuous partnership that adapts to your personal ideas and needs. A flexible mentorship agenda offers you regular one-on-one meetings, lunches or special activities to deepen the relationship between you and your mentor as well as reach your goals and guarantee success.

The Boston Consulting Group Details and Application (PDF, 976 KB)

11.-12. August 2017


Application Deadline:

21. April 2017

The World Asian Business Case Competition (WACC 2017)

“How Asian Brands Soar,” the event invites college students to choose a fascinating Asian business case and present the case on how it became globally successful. You can compete in a group and win US$ 2'000.-!

AAB Details (PDF, 264 KB)
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