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Finding a solution within one week

A key attribute of ETH Week is that you will learn to identify the problem you want to tackle rather than work on a task that is handed to you. To get you started, we will introduce you to the topic of water in all of its dimensions, and put you in touch with Swiss actors and stakeholders from the field to deepen your knowledge. We ask you to build on the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies, critically reflect it in your team and bring it together to generate new ideas. You will be introduced to various methods for solving problems and generating ideas. However, like in the real-world, you are responsible for managing your time and set your own goals. A team tutor will be available to guide you through the week. No prior knowledge in the topic of water is required.

Prototyping during ETH Week 2015  
Prototyping during ETH Week 2015 (Photo: Alessandro Della Bella)

Break out of the classroom and experience a new way of learning

This course is for thinkers, innovators, and doers. The programme provides a balance between structured inputs and team work. Through different inputs, you will gain an overview about the complexity of global, national and local water challenges. While gaining an understanding for the bigger picture, you will also learn from local approaches in and around Zurich through excursions. During the evenings, we create opportunities to socialize. In 2015, the students got to discuss with food start-ups, tasted insects or Swiss beer, or played soccer with the ETH president.

Participants by ETH Departments in 2016. Graph: ETH Sustainability.  
Participants by ETH Departments in 2016 (Graph: ETH Sustainability)

ETH Zurich opens for you

In the spirit of ETH Week we create space for people and ideas to come together. The first ETH Week 2015 took place in an unconventional setting on Campus Hönggerberg: The ‘ETH Week Hall’ was located on the construction site of the former Physics Mensa. In 2016, the ETH Week Hall was installed in the HIF Construction Hall of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (D-BAUG).

ETH Week 2016: HIF Construction Hall  
ETH Week 2016, HIF Construction Hall (Photo: Alessandro della Bella)




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