Who was behind in 2015?

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Nina Buchmann, Reto Knutti and Andreas Vaterlaus

Nina Buchmann, Head of the World Food System Center at ETH Zurich, Reto Knutti, Associate Vice President for Sustainability at ETH Zurich and Andreas Vaterlaus, Prorector for curriculum development and innovation in education at ETH Zurich from the steering committee of the ETH Week.

Christine Bratrich and Ulrike Messmer

Christine Bratrich, Director of ETH Sustainability, is the project leader charged with implementation. Responsible for the project coordination is Ulrike Messmer of ETH Sustainability.

Julia Wysling

Julia Wysling, as the former president of VSETH represents the student interests during the process.

Stefano Brusoni, Kathrin Fenner and Achim Walter
Binbin Pearce and Lex Schaul

Stefano Brusoni, Professor at D-MTEC, Katrin Fenner, Research Assistant Professor at D-USYS and Researcher at Eawag, Achim Walter, Professor at D-USYS as well as BinBin Pearce and Lex Schaul from the ETH Sustainability team are responsible for developing the curriculum.

Michelle Grant, Anna Katarina Gilgen and Anita Buchli

Michelle Grant and Anna Gilgen of the World Food System Center ensure the quality of the content of the ETH Week. Anita Buchli of the Rector's Staff is critically reviewing the curriculum.

Benno Volk and Elke Tomforde

Responsible for the training of the student tutors are Benno Volk and Elke Tomforde of the Educational Development and Technology (LET) unit.

Olivia Kolbe and Ann van der Aa

Olivia Kolbe and Ann van der Aa of the Office for Events and Services are responsible for logistics and organization.




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