Autonomous Flying Robots beyond Multi-Copters

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Symposium presented by ETH Zurich

Photo: Wingtra

After their first take-off in Switzerland around 12 years ago, electric powered quadrotors and multi-copters have become a highly desired toy and professional tool for many applications. This event will focus on the development of flying robots at ETH Zurich together with its partners, the two industrial key players from the Silicon Valley. It will feature a technological overview of the visions from 3D Robotics and GoPro and highlight work from ETH Zurich’s research laboratories and spin-offs in the field. Advanced autonomous flying robots using various ways to overcome gravity will be presented, starting from well-known multi-copters and hybrids all the way to blimps, autonomous solar airplanes and vehicles that can fly on walls.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
4:00 pm

Mezzanine San Francisco
444 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103



4:00 pm Roland Siegwart "Welcome and Introduction”
4:05 pm Chris Anderson "Drones as a Time Machine (capturing and visualizing the 4th dimension of earth data)"  
4:25 pm Sandor Barna "The Marriage of Image Capture and Robots: How Autonomy Will Change the Way We View the World”  
4:45 pm Roland Siegwart "Autonomous Flying Robots Beyond Multi-Copters"
5:00 pm Lorenz Meier "How ETH’s PX4 platform powers the drone industry"
5:10 pm 
Basil Weibel "Wingtra – Making Convertible Aerial Robots Ready for Commercial Applications"  
5:20 pm Daniel Meier "Skye – Interactive Aerial Entertainment"  
5:30 pm Kostas Alexis "AtlantikSolar - flying forever"
5:40 pm      
Moderated Panel Discussion
6:00 pm Networking Reception


Chris Anderson, CEO,  3D Robotics

Sandor Barna, VP of Core Technologies, GoPro

Roland Siegwart, Professor Autonomous Systems Lab and Director Wyss Zurich, ETH Zurich

Lorenz Meier, Director Dronecode and PhD Student ETH Zurich

Basil Weibel, Founder Wingtra, Wyss Zurich

Daniel Meier, CEO and co-founder Aerotain GmbH

Kostas Alexis, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Reno, former project leader AtlantikSolar, ETH Zurich

Autonomous Flying Robots - Aerotain - Skye demo
Autonomous Flying Robots - AtlantikSolar 81 hour endurance world record flight
Autonomous Flying Robots - Wingtra
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