Security Technologies Enabling the Future: From Blockchains to IoT

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A symposium presented by ETH Zurich in partnership with IBM

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This symposium will present a selected range of emerging security technologies that will enable the development and deployment of future applications. Particular focus topics are technologies for securing the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), future secure Internet architectures, and blockchain technologies.

Monday, April 11, 2016
10:00 am

IBM Research - Almaden
650 Harry Road, San Jose, CA 95120



10:00 am "Welcome and Introduction" Jeff Welser, Director IBM Research Almaden
10:10 am Talks and Q&A
  Dulce Ponceleon "Blockchain - Membership Services"
  Marko Vukolic "Blockchain for Business: Openblockchain and Hyperledger"
  Srdjan Capkun "Securing IoT Through Securing Positioning"
  David Barrera "Towards Deployment of a Next-generation Secure Internet Architecture"
12:00 pm Lunch


Srdjan Capkun, Professor in Computer Science, ETH Zurich and Director of the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC).

Marko Vukolic, Research Staff Member, IBM Research Zurich

Dulce Ponceleon, Manager, Information Security Group, IBM  Research Almaden

David Barrera, Researcher, Network Security Group, ETH Zurich  

Security Technologies - Computing of the Future with Jeff Welser, IBM Research
Information Security with Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zurich
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