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Colloquia and seminars of the upcoming 150 days. Please click on the date to download iCalendar link. Everyone is very welcome to attend.

Date / Time Type Room Speaker Title
Wed 03.05.17 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Prof. Jianchun Bian, LAGEO, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing Sounding Water vapor, Ozone, and Particle during the Asian Summer Monsoon (SWOP-ASM)
Mon 08.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium CAB G 11 Prof. Pierre Gentine Energy and water stress constraints on evapotranspiration
Mon 15.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium CAB G 11 Prof. Stephan Borrmann Physics of clouds - an approach to processes by visualisation
Tue 16.05.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN P 12 Pekka Verronen Middle atmospheric ozone response to energetic particle precipitation from 50-year WACCM simulations: role of medium-energy electrons
Mon 22.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium CAB G 11 Prof. Christiane Voigt Emissions, contrails and climate impact from aviation – Mitigation by alternative fuels and new technologies
Mon 29.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium CAB G 11 Dr. Karina von Schuckmann The role of the global ocean in changes of the Earth’s climate system
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