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Colloquia and seminars of the upcoming 150 days. Please click on the date to download iCalendar link. Everyone is very welcome to attend.

Date / Time Type Room Speaker Title
Mon 26.06.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Shannon Sterling Water and Earth's changing land cover: lessons from the past and tools for the future
Thu 06.07.17 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Munehiko Yamaguchi (MRI/JMA) Recent progress and challenges in tropical cyclone analysis and forecast
Fri 14.07.17 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN P 12 Prof. Andrew Charlton-Perez Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: A Regime View
Wed 19.07.17 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Remo Beerli and Christian Grams Stratospheric and tropospheric influences on wind electricity generation in Europe
Fri 18.08.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Andrew MacDougall Understanding the regional pattern of projected future changes in extreme precipitation
Mon 30.10.17 16:15 Kolloquium CAB G 11 Prof. Benjamin Murray The sources and impact of atmospheric ice nucleating particles
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