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Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering

From Mathematical Theory to Human Cell Biology

Life science research is one of the keys to answering the grand challenges of our future. The magnitude of these challenges such as ageing societies or globally spreading diseases calls for paradigm shift to holistic, systems-based and interdisciplinary approaches.

On these grounds, in the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering scientists from different biological and engineering disciplines collaborate to change the way we do research, understand, apply and teach biology and biotechnology. This interdisciplinary effort towards a comprehensive analysis and rational programming of complex cellular systems advances biological sciences and stimulates new technologies and products in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The Department’s translational research applies findings to enhance human health and well-being. To maximize the impact of this forward-thinking endeavour, it all takes place in Basel - Europe’s capital of the life science industry.  

Since the inception of D-BSSE its researchers have made multiple contributions to science, engineering and business development - as evident from top-notch publications, new technologies originating from our laboratories and the launching of several successful spin-off companies.



ETH Zurich Silver Medal for Markus Jeschek

Congratulations to Markus Jeschek (Panke Group)! Read more 


"We feel very much at home in Basel" - Interview with Prof Renato Paro

Renato Paro, the first Chair of D-BSSE, sees D-BSSE becoming part of a Zurich – Basel axis in medicine. Renato Paro has been Professor of Biosystems at ETH Zurich since 2006 and talks about the D-BSSE founding period in the staff magazine "life". Read more 


The ETH department is well established in Basel

Ten years ago, ETH Zurich established its first and only department outside Zurich: the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel. ETH will soon expand its outpost. The construction of a new department building on the Schällemätteli campus will bring it right next to the University of Basel. Read more 


D-BSSE Anniversary - 10 Years ETH Zurich@Basel

In the newspaper BaZ ETH President Lino Guzzella talks about 10 years D-BSSE in Basel and future research plans.   Read more 


Consistently among the best

ETH researchers have received eight of the coveted Advanced Grants in the European Research Council's (ERC) latest call for proposals. For several scientists, this is their second such grant. ETH Zurich has been consistently ranked among the most successful institutions since the programme was launched ten years ago. Read more 

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