"Ganz oder gar nicht" in Shanghai

21.04.2017 | Alumni Chapter Shanghai

By:  Eddy Zhu

On March 11th, Dieter Voegtli, President of the Buhler Group Asia Pacific, held a lecture "Ganz oder gar nicht" for Swiss alumni and distinguished guests, organized by the alumni chapters of the two prestigious Swiss universities ETH and EPFL. With the audience, Dieter Voegtli shared his understanding of the Chinese market, how to create as a Swiss business in China and gave the alumni bits and pieces of his experience living in China.

Shanghai Chapter
Shanghai Chapter

“Ganz oder gar nicht” means "99 points equal to zero". For the Chinese market, Swiss companies are the ones which pursuit tireless effort to achieve perfection. Mr. Voegtli's understanding and interpretation of the Chinese market were for everybody in the audience an eye opener. For Swiss friends and entrepreneurs in the field it gave a better understanding of China and for the Chinese friends it showed a different way to understand China.

Gripping speech

Dieter Voegtli held an excellent speech. He talked about team management, stressed sustainable development and on top had a profound knowledge about China's second and third tier cities in the economic development trend. He also talked about how to deal with cottage factories. At the end, Dieter informed the alumni that he wanted to retire soon and return to Europe to open a Lanzhou noodle shop! - Eddy Zhu.

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