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The ETH Alumni Association and the Career Center at ETH Zurich are closely linked. The Career Center has made its services available to alumni. The services extend across different career stages:

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Careful self-assessment is the basis for exploring career opportunities both directly after graduation and during the course of a professional career. It is mainly about reflecting on one’s own values, personal needs, goals and competences. What’s more, it entails analysing one’s accomplishments as well as unfinished tasks.

“Am I doing something for myself that is beneficial to me now and in the future or
do I need to change something”?
“What does the future me look like; maybe even outside a rigid career path”?
“Will my current network be helpful or do I need to actively reach out to make new contacts”?
“I’m planning a career comeback after a long maternity leave…”

Orientation lectures, full-day workshops and a seminar are on offer (see

Personal consultations and assessments are also possible:

150.-/h for ETH Alumni members
180.-/h for non-members

When starting a career or changing jobs, it is crucial to send clear messages and have an effective strategy. The clearer you are about what you can contribute and what added value you bring –and can communicate this in a targeted manner – the more promising your transition will be.

“How do I effectively present myself in a CV, on LinkedIn or XING, in an interview or in an assessment centre”?
“What is my brand and in which job market am I most valuable”?
“Which channels are most appropriate for my job search”?
“Are there hidden messages in a job reference letter”?
“In searching for a job, how can I tell if the working environment is an optimal one”?

Lectures and workshops on transition are available (see

Specialised events such as the Reference Letter Check are also on offer.

In addition, personal consultations and assessments concerning transition can be arranged.

Address issues such as:

  • Developing a targeted approach to changing careers
  • Strategic job searching
  • Job-application coaching

150.-/h for ETH Alumni members
180.-/h for non-members

One often doesn’t see the forest for the trees. In this case, it makes sense for a neutral, trustworthy person to help to put things into perspective and simplify the decision process. Neutral assistance can come in the form of coaching – helping one help his or herself – or through concrete advice and tips.

The first 100 days on the job are critical: How do I ensure a successful start”?
“How realistic are my development ideas and how do I effectively communicate them to my employer”?
“I am in a predicament at work and would like to speak to an experienced person outside the company about it”.

Success at work is very individual, which is why personal consultations are exclusively offered in this area.

150.-/h for ETH Alumni members
180.-/h for non-members

The ETH Career Center is the central platform for companies and students starting their careers. It works to ensure that companies have a presence at the ETH and can get in touch with young talent. At the same time, it prepares students for the transition into the working world and offers a wide range of services to ETH graduates seeking information and support on career building.

Thanks to the services at the ETH Career Center…

• ETH alumni can strengthen their career engagement and develop the ability to customise their careers actively and consciously

• students and doctoral students can become more goal oriented and build confidence, which makes them better prepared for their careers

More information and contact: ETH Career Center

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